2013 Tornado video stock footage archive page

2013Tornado video stock footage archive page.

3/18/2012 Willow, OK Tornado stock footage

5/31/2013 Extended Clean Edit - Intercept and Escape from El Reno, OK Tornado.

This is the Extended Edit and Clean Audio stock footage catalog from the historic El Reno, OK Tornado.

Catalog ID: 05312013_JB2
Total Run Time: 21;00;05

5/31/2013 Union City, OK Extreme Tornado Stock Footage 60P

5/31/2013 Union City, OK Tornado Stock Footage Catalog. Raw footage from Brandon Sullivan and his chase partner Brett Wright who were got caught in the inflow of the tornado and slammed with debris northwest of Union City, OK as a barn was ripped apart and exploded in front of them.  Footage includes all five camera from inside and outside of the car.

Catalog ID: 05312013_BTS1
Total Run Time: 29:27;40
Format: HD 1080 60P

5/27/2013 TIV2 Inside The Smith Center, KS Wedge Tornado - Stock Footage

5/27/2013 Inside The Smith Center, KS Wedge Tornado Stock Footage Archive. Brandon Ivey shot this insane footage of the TIV2 (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) inside of a violent wedge tornado northeast of Smith Center, Kansas over eastern Smith County. Wind speeds were 150 to 175 EF3 to EF4 before the tornado ripped the instruments off the top of the TIV2.

Catalog ID: 05272013_TAI1
Total Run Time: 04:21;01

5/31/2013 El Reno, OK Tornado and Damage - B-Roll Stock Footage

5/31/2013 El Reno, OK Tornado and Damage - B-Roll

Footage of the tornado the passed between El Reno and Union City crossing US-81.

Catalog ID: 05312013_TL1
Total Run Time: 09;55;26

5/28/2011 Bennington, KS Tornado - POV Stock Footage

5/28/2013 Point of View (POV) Stock Footage of the Bennington, KS Tornado. Footage shot through the windshield of a very large and stationary tornado.

Catalog ID: 05282013_VC
Total Run Time: 01;35;17

5/28/2013 Bennington, KS Tornado Stock Footage Archive

5/28/2013 Bennington, KS Tornado Stock Footage Archive

Stock footage of the large tornado on the ground near Bennington, KS.  Footage also includes pre storm environment, tornado forming, hail falling and various shots of a large wedge tornado on the ground.

Catalog ID: 05282013_CC1
Total Run Time: 07;25;17

5/20/2013 Moore, OK Wedge Tornado and Escape Stock Footage

5/20/2013 Moore, OK Tornado and Escape Footage Archive File.

Catalog ID: 05202013_MG1
Total Run Time: 23;37;21
Format:  HD 1080 60i

5/20/2013 Moore, OK EF5 Tornado and deadly aftermath B-Roll

Dramatic stock footage of the deadly Moore, OK EF5 Tornado shot by chasers who are also trained EMT's and a passenger riding along.

Catalog ID: 05202013_BM1
Total Run Time: 29;40;29

5/19/2013 Viola, Kansas Rope Tornado Stock Footage

Stock footage of a rope tornado that formed northeast of Viola, KS.  This was the same storm that produced the tornado southwest of Wichita, Kansas. Catalog contains several different views of the the tornado from multiple cameras in the car.

Catalog ID: 05192013_TL1
Total Run Time: 03;38;00

5/19/2013 Luther and Shawnee, OK Tornado B-Roll Stock Footage

5/19/2013 Luther and Shawnee, OK Tornado B-Roll.  Stock footage from the tornado outbreak that hit the Luther and Shawnee, OK area the day before the Moore, OK tornado.

Catalog ID: 05192013_BTS1

Total Run Time: 13:12:14

5/18/2013 Sanford, KS Large Cone Tornado Stock Footage Catalog

Stock footage of a large, high contrast cone tornado touches down north of Sanford, KS at sunset. Various shots of the tornado with the sunlight at sunset giving the tornado a golden hue and perfectly lighting up the storm.

Catalog ID: 05182013_TL1
Total Run Time: 10;51;26