Amarillo, TX Supercell Thunderstorm - 6/8/2017

An incredible supercell thunderstorm produces amazing structure, wall clouds, hail, lightning, and flooding around the Amarillo, Texas area.
Shot Description

1) LP storm updraft in the Texas panhandle.

2) Developing wall cloud.

3) Wall cloud with tail cloud feeding in.

4) Wall cloud shot.

5) Wall cloud shot.

6) Funnel cloud with horizontal tube.

7) Funnel with horizontal tube.

8) Wall cloud shot.

9) Wall cloud with tour guests.

10,11) Wall cloud shots.

12) Driving shot of wall cloud and low hanging tail cloud with inflow dust being sucked into the storm.

13) Storm base shot.

14) Storm base shot.

15) Storm base at sunset driving west.

16,17,18) Shots of the storm becoming outflow dominate at sunset.

19,20) Shots of hail falling along interstate 27.

21) Hail covering the highway along interstate 27 south of Amarillo.

22,23) Hail flowing down in a ditch full of rain water.

24) Hail accumulation along an exit ramp on interstate 27.

25) Hail slide.

26) Lightning shot.

27) Vehicles driving through minor street flooding.

28) Lightning shot.

29) Vehicle slide off due to hail accumulations along I27.