LIVE Storm Chasing from East Texas Panhandle 4/16/2017

Brandon Sullivan is live streaming his chase in the northeast Texas panhandle area where SPC has a slight risk for severe weather including tornadoes.

Protection, KS Tornado Warned Storm & Hail - 4/15/2017

A tornado warned LP supercell produces hail and a beautiful scene over southwest Kansas on Saturday evening.
Shot Description
1-4) Various shots of hail

5-12) Various shots of the tornado warned supercell structure.

Glendon, IA Hail Core and Storm Structure - 4/15/2017

A severe thunderstorm in western Iowa dropped hail and high winds throughout the afternoon of 4/15/2017. The hail core was clearly visible as well as storm structure.
Shot Description
Shot 1-3: Hail core visible out of high based thunderstorm

Coldwater, KS Hail Hail Storm - 4/15/2017

A supercell dropped large hail as it moved very slowly just southwest of Coldwater, KS. This video shows the supercell, the hail, and some poor cows being hit with the hail.
Shot Description
Shot 1: Zoomed shot of cows being hit by hail.

Brandon Sullivan LIVE Storm Chase Texas Panhandle - 4/15/2016

Brandon Sullivan is live streaming from the storms forming in east/northeast Texas panhandle area as Mesoscale Discussion #0495 was just issued for a possible watch. 

Hays, KS Extreme Hail & Flash Flooding - 4/12/2017

A thunderstorm virtually stalled out over the city of Hays Kansas and dropped an incredible amount of hail and rain that caused street flooding. Footage shows great storm structure, heavy rain, flash flooding, hail and flooded streets.
Shot Description

Alamogordo, NM Vivid Lightning and Hail Storm - 4/12/2017

Vivid lightning, heavy rain and hail just east of Alamogordo, NM on Highway 82 in Otero, County. The storm rolled along the highway dropping Amazing Lightning and then went severe warned as the hail started coming down harder.

Heavy April Snows in Wisconsin - 4/10/2017

After a nice warm weekend with highs in the 60s and 70s. Monday evening a band of heavy snow hits Northwestern WI.
Shot Description

Weak Landspout Tornadoes in Northern IL - 4/10/2017

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather documents landspouts and turbulent weather from Gridley, Il.
Shot Description

Shot 1-5 - Multiple landspout tornadoes occurring just north and east of Gridley, Il

JWSevereWeather Live Storm Coverage - April 10, 2017

Live stream from Jesse Walters and the JW Severe Weather Team from Northern IL.


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