Nome, ND Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights - 5/28/2017

A Coronal Mass Ejection or CME that exploded off the surface of the sun last week hit earth Saturday night and triggered a very strong geomagnetic storm.

Current KP Index is 7, which indicates a very strong geo magnetic storm is currently taking place.

Live storm chasing with Team Haxby in Oklahoma - 5/27/2017

Live weather news video. There is a risk of severe weather in Oklahoma area today. SPC has issued a tornado watch for the area.

Today they are following the Doppler on Wheels and project TWIRL

Colorado Supercell & Blowing Dust - 5/26/2017

Chased a supercell across central Colorado. Video includes several rotating wall clouds, rain bands, lighting, gust fronts with dustnatos. Heavy rain occurred with these storms as they continue across Kansas.
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Idalia, CO Large Hail and Funnel Cloud - 5/26/2017

A tornado warned storm formed East of Denver and tracked to the Kansas/Colorado border. Large hail, high winds, and a funnel cloud were observed near Idalia, CO.
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Storms cause travel headache in the Midwest - 5/25/2017

Video of storms over Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska today. Video includes storms, lightning, hail and wind. Two semis, storm related, one flipped over, the other road it into the ditch. One mile west of Goodland Kansas.
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