MN Winter Storm Prep - Lt. Robert Zak MN State Patrol, SOT B-Roll - 2/23/2017

Interview with Lt. Robert Zak with MSP on winter driving conditions.
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sot 1 winter car prep...what to have with you to survive.
sot 2 is safety
sot 3 spin out
sot 4 northern snow
sot 5 surprise to winter driving

Key West, FL Rain - 2/22/2017

Steady rain moves into the Florida Keys as two cruise ships pull into the docks at Mallory Square in Key West. Big cruise ships and boats in gloomy rainy weather.
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Siesta Key FL, Wicked Clouds and High Winds From Storm - 2/18/2017

Front with ominous shelf cloud rolled through Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota Florida bringing lightning, wind and heavy rain. Beach people interacting in heavy rain scrambling to safety.

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LIVE Key West Thunderstorm

LIVE Strong thunderstorm approaching Key West Florida.  Potential waterspouts per NWS:

Van Vleck, TX - Extreme Tornado Damage - 2/14/2017

Tornado devastated part of Van Vleck Texas. Two homes destroyed, two RV trailers flipped, and one mobile home flipped. Mobile home was

National Weather Service confirmed the damage was caused by a tornado
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Wharton Texas - Tornado Aftermath & High Winds Damage - 2/14/2017

Damaging high winds and unconfirmed tornado devastates Wharton Texas, a city between San Antonio and Houston Texas. Witnesses claim tornado, weather service to check out damage.

Oklahoma City, OK - Extreme Wild Fires - 2/12/2017

Video shows an intense and destructive wildfire moving through populated areas of southeastern Oklahoma City. Some clips show incredibly the fast moving, extremely dangerous nature of the fire as it races across a road and field.
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Virginia Beach, VA - Record Breaking Temps Windy Weather - 2/12/2017

B-Roll Shots of the oceanfront of Virginia Beach, Virginia with temp in the lower to mid 80's and very windy. Footage of people looking like it is the middle of summer at Virginia Beach.

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Rosendale, NY Heavy Snow & Interstate 84 accidents - 2/12/2017

Cars that had slid off the road with police assistance on I-84. Plus, video from the small town of Rosendale, in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NY. Shots of a bicyclist in the snow, snow plows, people shoveling, and some scenics of heavy snow falling over a creek.

New Paltz, NY and I-84 Intense Snowstorm - 2/12/2017

The 2nd major nor'easter in a week slams Upstate NY and the Lower Hudson Valley with heavy snows and treacherous travel conditions.

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