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South Florida Lightning Tropical Downpours - 7/12/2017

The remnants of Tropical Depression #4 slowly move through South Florida, bringing with it tropical downpours, and intense lightning.
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Casa Grand, AZ Lightning Slow Motion and Lightning Timelapse 7/10/2017

Video of Monsoon Thunderstorm Lightning, Slow Motion Lightning, and Lightning Time Lapse just outside of Phoenix, AZ
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Monticello, IN Tornado & Lightning - 7/10/2017

Jesse Walters, Tammy King, and Cameron Nixon document tornadic thunderstorms in the Monticello, Indiana region on July 10, 2017. Funnel and tornado touchdown occurred in the Patton, Indiana area.
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TimeLapse of Tucson, AZ slammed by Microbursts - 7/10/2017

Time lapses of monsoon thunderstorms with micro burst and lightning

Time Lapse 1: Storm begins to mature before a strong downdraft (micro burst) appears, dropping heavy rain and wind over the city of Tucson.
Time Lapse 2: More rain and lightning at sunset

Garner, IA - High Voltage Power lines Completely Snapped 7/10/2017

Straight line winds knocked down over a 5 mile length of high voltage powerlines, near Garner, Iowa. Power crews have been working since early morning and will probably be working into the night to restore power to the line.

Klemme, IA Storm Aftermath Damage Video - 7/10/2017

Early morning MCS blasted through the town of Klemme, Iowa. Numerous cars have been smashed by large hail and fallen trees. Houses have been stripped of siding and windows broken.
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Minnesota Tornado Warned Storm & Vivid Lightning - 7/9/2017

Vivid lightning, hail and incredible structure from a tornado warned storm in Swift and Lac Qui Parle Counties in Minnesota. Final shot from Saint Cloud, MN of the storms from the back side.

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Arizona Haboob Package - 7/9/2017

A severe monsoon thunderstorm generates at two haboobs in south & central Arizona.

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Phoenix, AZ Monsoon Micro-burst Time Lapses With Lightning - 7/8/2017

Time lapses monsoon thunderstorms and lightning video captured within the vicinity of the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

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Severe Storms in LaCrosse, WI - 7/6/2017

Many storms developed tonight in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Strong winds Hail and heavy rain were part of these storms. The video is from the La Crosse area.
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