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6/15/2011 Nassau Bahamas Funnel Cloud And Tornado

Tower camera footage of a tornado forming over the Island of Nassau in the Bahamas. Footage shows a funnel cloud forming and then a debris cloud on the ground can be seen as the tornado touches down briefly.

No audio on this clip.

6/13/2011 Anton, CO Golfball Size Hail And Thunderstorm

Severe storms explode across the eastern plains of Colorado bringing hail and heavy rains to various places across the state. Video package includes high contrast hail falling with traffic.

Opening 16 seconds include footage of storm structure as it approaches chaser.

00:16-01:47 includes footage of hail up to golfball size falling across US-36 about a mile west of Anton. Various shots include passing traffic and cars in the hail.

01:47-02:04 includes two shots of hail falling with a high contrast rainbow in the background.

5/12/2011 Kushiro Japan Whaling Ships Stock Video

Stock footage of the Japanese North Pacific whaling fleet. Footage shot in Kushiro, Hokkaido Japan on May 12th, 2011. Footage of the Japanese whale hunting continues after the Tsunami.

6/11/2011 Gust Front and Gustnado in Washington County Colorado

Video opens with gust front coming towards the camera with POV, shots and footage of another chaser taking wind measurements out of the car window.

Video continues as a gustnado and the Gust Fronts moving through the area. We got caught in the front as we tried to outrun it just as it became tornado warned storm to the south of Anton, Colorado.

We were clocking winds in excess of 50 mph sustained, gusting over 60 mph at times.

6/8/2011 Morgan County, CO Hail storm

Severe storms erupt across northeast Colorado bringing large hail, heavy rains, and strong winds. Video package shot in Morgan County about 10 miles south of the town of Fort Morgan.

6/1/2011 Dawson County Nebraska Supercell, funnel and hail.

Footage shot by BNVN weather paparazzi Brandon Ivey who was in Dawson County, NE on June 1st, 2011. Brandon was in large hail and spotted a wall cloud with rotation under it on the storm. The video includes shots of the hail and wall cloud with rotation while chasing.

5/30/2011 Atkinson, NE Severe Hail and Gustnado footage

Severe storms with small tornadoes pushed across Nebraska on Monday bringing extremely large hail, heavy rains, wind, and small tornadoes.

5/30/2011 Nebraska Severe storms

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Eric Treece caught this Gustnado in the fields East of Broken Bow Nebraska, stormfront coming into Broken Bow, NE. He then got on the storms near Lexington, NE that produced a short lived meso and then a picture perfrect mammatus clouds scene to end the day.

5/28/201 Litchfield, IL hail storm

Footage of hail falling and aftermath of the hail in the Litchfield, IL from a storm that dropped golf ball size hail on the area.


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