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12/15/2009 Minneapolis, MN extreme cold sub zero weather video

12/15/2009 Minneapolis, MN Extreme cold video

Minneapolis sub zero cold weather video

12/14/2009 Minneapolis, MN overnight snow storm video.

Minneapolis snow storm video

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Description: 12/14/2009 Minneapolis, MN overnight snow storm hits the metro area hard.

Several inches of snow fell after midnight with the hardest hit areas along the I94 and 694 interchange on the north side of the metro.

Sarah Palin visits the Mall of America

Sarah Palin and her family made a visit to the Mall of America today to meet fans and autograph copies of her best selling book "Going Rogue". 


Video: 11/26/2009 Charleston, WV wildfire

A wildfire rapidly engulfs the mountain on the east side of Charleston, WV in the Campbell's Creek area.  Firefighters worked for several hours and the last report they were still trying to control and the fire.

Video: 11/25/2009 Sarasota, FL flooding

Our stringer in Florida got some great footage today of the very heavy rain and traffic in flooding roads in Sarasota Florida Wednesday morning.   The video shows traffic going through the flooded road on Beneva Road with a stalled car off to the side of the road.  Sarasota County Sheriff vehicle tries to warn motorists of the flood hazard but they keep driving through the flooded roads.

The video ends with footage of flooding from the heavy rain and traffic along US-41 with the ditches filling up and flooding from all the heavy rain.

Tornado Road Marathon on The Weather Channel (TWC)

Tornado Road

The Weather Channel (TWC) will be running a marathon of the new show called Tornado Road on Thanksgiving day staring BNVN founder Doug Kiesling.

The broadcast times are from 7:00 PM Eastern with non stop broadcasts all evening and into the early morning until 4:00 AM Eastern.

11/12/2009 Virginia Beach, VA Nor Easter Video

As a frontal system along with the remnants of hurricane Ida move up the east coast, they have created a massive Nor Easter that is pounding the Virginia Beach, VA area.


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