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Amazing Video oF Haboob hitting Phoenix, AZ - 7/15/2017

B-Roll and Time Lapse Package of an Arizona haboob and it's impact on the interstates and Phoenix Sky Harbor.
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Lake McHenry County Flooding - 7/15/2017

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather documents historic flooding along the Fox River and Chain O' Lakes in McHenry and Lake Counties Illinois. A state of emergency has been declared for the region.
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Maricopa AZ Wet Microburst & Haboob - 7/14/2017

Time lapse of a well defined wet microburst as well as the haboob that was generated from the outflow winds. Captured in Maricopa, Arizona (30 miles SSW of Phoenix, Arizona)
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Dover, PA Area Severe Thunderstorm And Flooded Roads - 7/14/2017

Today's weather produced plenty of powerful thunderstorms throughout the areas of northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. This footage shows powerful building storms from the York County, PA as early as 1:20 pm. Storms continue on and off until dusk on Friday evening.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL - Tropical Downpours from TD4 Remnants - 7/13/2017

The remnants of Tropical Depression #4 continue to pass through South Florida, bringing with it increased moisture, and tropical downpours.

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Marathon, FL Tropical Rain - 7/13/2017

The remnants of TD 4 bring heavy tropical squalls to the Florida Keys. Black squally cloud line hits Marathon FL with blinding wind and rain. Eleven clips shot with our remote HD tower cam in Marathon FL in the middle Florida Keys.
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South Florida Lightning Tropical Downpours - 7/12/2017

The remnants of Tropical Depression #4 slowly move through South Florida, bringing with it tropical downpours, and intense lightning.
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Casa Grand, AZ Lightning Slow Motion and Lightning Timelapse 7/10/2017

Video of Monsoon Thunderstorm Lightning, Slow Motion Lightning, and Lightning Time Lapse just outside of Phoenix, AZ
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