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Agate, CO Funnel Timelapse - 5/8/2017

Timelapse of Agate funnel cloud taken from the east looking west.
Shot Description

Timelapse of entire funnel lifecycle.

Funnel Near Agate, Colorado - May 8, 2017

A picturesque tornado warned supercell over the Colorado prairie.

1. Rotating storm base
2. Large funnel
3. Same funnel cntd
4. Funnel ropes out
5. Looking down road as hail hits

Duluth, MN High Winds And Waves Crashing On Shore. - 5/8/2017

Strong on shore winds made for rough waters and cold air today along the shoreline in Duluth, MN this afternoon.

Great footage of the white caps and rough seas and people on the shore checking out the waves crashing.
Shot Description

Mississippi River Flooding in Union County Illinois. - 5/5/2017

Residents in towns along the Mississippi River are preparing for the major flood crest of the Mississippi River expected Saturday afternoon into the evening.

Sulphur, LA - Severe Flooding - 5/3/2017

Nearly a foot of rain fell in and around the St. Charles, LA area on May 3. Area residents in the small town of Sulphur, LA saw some of the worst impacts of the heavy rain and flooding.
Shot Description

Braman, Oklahoma Hail Storm - 5/3/2017

A severe thunderstorm crossed interstate 35, just south of Braman, Oklahoma covering the interstate in hail.
Shot Description

1-4) Shots of hail covering interstate 35 just south of Braman, Oklahoma.

5-8) Shots of hail falling along interstate 35.


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