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Fruitvale, TX Tornado Damage - 4/29/2017

Extensive tornado damage from one of multiple tornadoes to rip through the county. Multiple homes destroyed, trees, power lines down and overturned vehicles.
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Canton, TX Deadly Wedge Tornado and Aftermath Damage - 4/29/2017

Deadly violent wedge-shaped tornado hits Canton, TX and shots of storm chasers and firefighters searching crushed vehicles tossed hundreds of yards from highway where one fatality occurred in a crushed truck.

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Canton, TX Violent Wedge Tornado - 4/29/2017

Violent wedge tornado from south of Canton, Texas and crossing I-20
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1). Tornado developing and crossing Highway 19.

2). Wedge tornado shots passing through powerlines at close range (1/2 to 3/4 mile away)!

LIVE West Central Illinois Storm Chasing - 4/29/2017

Jesse Walters is live streaming from the storms near the Saint Louis, MO area and is on the east side in Illinois as the severe weather potential is ramping up in the area.


Noel, MO Extreme Flash Flooding - 4/29/2017

Extreme rainfall lead to flash flooding in the town of Noel, MO on 4/29/2017
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Queens, NY Pre Dawn MCS & Lightning - 4/29/2017

A pre-dawn MCS blows through the NYC Metro with heavy rain and vivid, frequent lightning.
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