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Southern, IL Predawn Flash Flooding - 4/29/2019

Torrential rains continued through the night across southern Illinois where some locations received up to half a foot of rain overnight. Flash flood warnings continued into the morning hours as many towns across southern Illinois saw flash flooding.

Weatherford, OK Flooded Roadways and Extreme Rainfall Rates - 4/29/2017

Torrential rainfall rates contributed to street flooding in Weatherford, OK on the early morning hours of 4/29/2017.
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Interview with the Storm Prediction Center staff in Norman OK about weekend severe weather

Bill Bunting, National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center Chief of Operations, talks about upcoming severe weather and the role of the S.P.C. in weather prediction and forecasting.
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Burlington, CO Scary Looking Clouds - 4/27/2017

Storms formed near Limon, CO and became severe near Burlington, CO with a shelf cloud and strong winds prompting a severe thunderstorm warning for 70 mph winds.

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Aurora "Steve" review of the Aurora Borealis with Steve - 9/9/2015

This is a short recap remix of the amazing Aurora Borealis from 9/9/2015 and the the Proton Arc that is now being called "STEVE"

The first part of the video shows an amazing time lapse of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights just north of Saint Cloud, MN.

Russelville Arkansas Storm Damage - 4/26/2017

Strong winds, tornado warnings, street flooding, and hail occurred during the daytime hours northwest of Little Rock in the town of Russellville, Arkansas. Power was knocked out to parts of the city and wind damage was noted including several structures.

Pinckneyville, IL Extreme Winds Blow down Trees - 4/26/2017

Severe storms are blasting across southern IL Wednesday causing damage as they move through. Video contains winds in excess of 80mph taking down trees on camera.

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