Beach storm footage archive with high winds and lightning at various beaches.

Stock fotoage of storms at beaches. Video archive that shows high winds, big surf, large waves and lightning at various beaches in Florida and along the east coast of the United States.

9/9/2007 HD Large Waves Heavy Surf Video

9/9/2007 HD B-Roll Footage of large waves at the southern Sholes of Cape Hatteras with some waves reaching 20-30 feet in the air. Monster white capped waves. Man fishing off the beach casting his line into the large waves.

Catalog #: 09092007_HD_WC

 8/16/2005 Siesta Beach, Sarasota Florida Lightning Video

8/16/2005 Siesta Beach, Sarasota Florida Lightning Video. Footage of spectacular lightning on a beach as sunset. People at the beach watching a thunder storm with lightning flashing in the sky and cloud to cloud and cloud to ground lightning.

Catalog ID#: 20050816a_SSM

2/3/2006 Saint Petersburg, FL Beach Thunder Storm News B-Roll

2/03/2006 St. Pete Beach Video. Footage of a thunderstorm that looms offshore of St. Pete Beach in St. Petersburg Florida. Video of people on the beach and in the water with lightning and ominous clouds.

Catalog ID#: 20060203b_SSM

6/20/2006 Sarasota, FL Thunderstorm Video

6/20/2006 B-Roll Footage of Sea breeze PM Thunderstorm. Downtown bay front area in lightning and heavy rain. Rain, Lightning and thunder. Palm trees. Man fishing offshore in the rain. Shots of the pier.

Catalog ID#: 20060620_SSM

6/21/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Beach Dusk Lightning

6/21/2006 B-Roll Footage of dusk to dark people on the beach with lightning and storm clouds looming. Bright lightning strikes and flashes.

Catalog ID#: 20060621a_SSM

7/29/2006 Sarasota, FL Lightning Video

7/29/2006 B-Roll Footage of Storm at Bay Front. High winds, rain and lightning. Bridge and boat in weather.

Catalog ID#: 20060729a_SSM

7/7/2006 Tropical Showers and Downpours and Traffic in Flooded Roads Video

7/7/2006 B-Roll Footage of Tropical Showers and Downpours in Venice Florida. Dark storm clouds moving in and around the beach area. Heavy downpours. People driving cars and trucks on flooded roadways.

Catalog ID#: 20060707c_SSM

7/7/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Beach Video

7/7/2006 B-Roll Footage of people on the beach in the summer as a sea breeze thunderstorm looms. Views of a lifeguard station as the storm is approaching. And a view of a protected area of sea turtle eggs. Down pouring rain in a parking lot.

Catalog ID#: 20060707d_SSM

7/10/2006 Sarasota, FL Beach Video

7/10/2006 B- Roll Footage of a beautiful colorful beach sunset. As the dark stormy clouds move in a thunderstorm begins with a bright lightning bolt. After sunset a bright lightning show and thunder is underway.

Catalog ID#: 20060710a_SSM

7/17/2006 Sarasota, FL Beach Video

7/17/2006 B-Roll Footage of evening sea breeze thunderstorm. Catches boaters off guard on the intercoastal. Windy and wet tropical like storm conditions.

Catalog ID#: 20060717a_SSM

7/19/2006 Sarasota, FL Thunder storm blows canopy across beach

7/19/2006 A strong sea-breeze thunderstorm blows away a beach canopy and sends a family scrambling for cover. Additional footage of street flooding and people leaving the beach and lightning over the beach.

Catalog: 20060719a_SSM

7/23/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Key Beach Video

7/23/2006 B-Roll Footage of Clouds, seagulls, rain and wind. Rain and wind drives some beach goers off the beach

Catalog ID#: 20060723a_SSM

7/27/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Key Video

7/27/2006 B-Roll Footage of severe sea breeze Thunderstorm arrives at Siesta Key. Dark stormy clouds, lightning on beach & inter coastal. Traffic in flooded roads.

Catalog ID#: 20060727a_SSM

7/29/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Beach Storm B-Roll

7/29/2006 B-Roll Footage of people under beach canopies as rain looms. Individual on a dreary beach.

Catalog ID#: 20060729b_SSM

8/2/2006 Storms on Sarasota, FL Siesta Beach

8/2/2006 B-Roll Footage of sunset, people, clouds and some lightning on Siesta Key Beach at sunset to dusk.

Catalog ID#: 20060802a_SSM

8/3/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Key, Lightning Video

8/3/2006 B-Roll Footage of lightning flashes on Crescent beach on Siesta Key at dusk after sunset. Some crackles of thunder.

Catalog ID#: 20060803b_SSM

4/15/2007 Wind Blast Sand on Siesta Beach

4/15/2007 Strong winds blowing sand around on Siesta Key Beach with beach goers walking during sunset.

Catalog ID: 20070415b SSM 16x9 Wind Blast Sand

6/8/2007 Siesta Key, FL - Seabreeze Thunderstorm Video

6/8/2007 B-Roll Footage of sea-breeze thunderstorm moving offshore Siesta Key. Storm at beach. Lightning at beach. Dark stormy sky. Some lightning.

Catalog ID#: 20070608a_SSM_16x9_HD

6/8/2007 Siesta Beach, FL - Thunderstorm Video

6/8/2007 B-Roll Footage of storms clouds at beach. Wide and close. Siesta Beach. Shelf cloud. Birds fly through frame.

Catalog ID#: 20070608b_SSM_16x9_HD

7/24/2007 Longboat Key, FL Beach Lightning

7/24/2007 stock footage of people on the beach of Longboat Key, Florida with an approaching thunderstorm and lightning.

Catalog ID: 20070724a

7/29/2007 Turtle Beach - Beach with Emerald Green Water Video

7/29/2007 B-Roll Footage of Turtle Beach on windy wave day with dark clouds on horizon. Emerald green water, people fishing and beaching it.

Catalog #: 20070729a_SSM_16x9

9/21/2007 High Surf In Water B-Roll of waves crashing into the camera

9/21/2007 In water video footage of big waves and high surf hitting the camera in good daylight conditions in Siesta Key, Florida.

Catalog ID: 20070921a SSM 16x9 HighSurf InWater

8/9/2008 Storm Clouds Over the Gulf

8/9/2008 Ominous storm clouds over the gulf of Mexico approaching the blustery beach followed by palm trees blowing in the stormy winds and rain.

Catalog ID: 20080809b SSM Blustery Beach

11/30/2008 HD Couple HiSurf

11/30/2008 People walking along the beach and looking out over rough surf in Siesta Key, Florida

Catalog ID: 20081130c SSM HD CoupleHiSurf

7/19/2009 Windstorm hits people on Siesta Key Beach in Florida

7/19/2009 Stock footage of a wind storm that hit Siesta Key Beach with 50 MPH winds and heavy rain as surprised people go running to hide from the storm.

Catalog ID: 20090719a SSM HD BeachWindStorm

1/6/2006 Siesta Beach FL Cold Surfers Cold windy morning at the beach footage

1/6/2006 Cold windy morning at the beach footage. Video from Sarasota, FL of people at the beach after a cold front passed through the area. People bundled up for the cold weather and surfers in the water.

Catalog ID#: 20060106a_SSM

1/14/2006 Cold and Windy St. Petersburg FL Footage

1/14/2006 Cold and Windy St. Petersburg FL Footage. Video from a cold and very windy day in St. Pete. Video of the Don Cesar hotel with wind blown palm trees, beach, St. Pete Pier and video of cold people doing their thing outside.

Catalog ID#: 20060114a_SSM

3/23/2006 Rainy afternoon at Siesta Key Beach Video News B-Roll

3/23/2006 Rainy afternoon at Siesta Key Beach Video. Footage of people doing stuff on a rainy beach. Shots with umbrellas and people, traffic in the rain and a draw bridge with a POV from the car as it raises.

Catalog ID#: 20060323a_SSM

4/9/2006 Sarasota, FL sunset and rain at the beach footage

4/9/2006 Sarasota, FL rain at the beach footage. Video of people on the beach with umbrellas as rain falls near sunset. Rainbows at the beach and a drum circle going on nearby on the audio.

Catalog ID#: 20060409d_SSM

7/3/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Beach PM Seabreeze Storm video

7/3/2006 B-Roll Footage of people on beach as a very ominous PM storm clouds move in. Amish people on beach and in water. Wind blows swim raft.

Catalog ID#: 20060703c_SSM

7/3/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Beach rain video b-roll

7/3/2006 B-Roll Footage of people of various cultures on beach in heavy afternoon rain. Family hides behind beach umbrella. Yellow and blue swim raft blows adrift.

Catalog ID#: 20060703d_SSM

7/3/2006 Sarasota, FL Siesta Beach high wind video

7/3/2006 B-Roll Footage of Umbrella wind struggle. Amish people on beach and in water. Snake sand sculpture.

Catalog ID#: 20060703b_SSM