Cloud stock footage archive page.

Stock footage of storm clouds and various cloud footage catalog page

7/9/2005 Hurricane Dennis Video, Part 6. Time-lapse Video Pensacola Beach, FL.

7/9/2005 Hurricane Dennis Video. Time-lapse video of the outer bands of Hurricane Dennis moving into the Pensacola Beach area.

Catalog #: Hurricane_Dennis_2005_06

Generic thunder cloud stock video

Generic thunder cloud video. Footage of thunder storms from a distance and under the storm anvil.

Catalog ID#: Thunder_Clouds_01

5/3/2012 Wilfred Sykes - Amazing Shelf Cloud while at sea

5/3/2012 Wilfred Sykes - Amazing Shelf Cloud while at sea. Time-Lapse and real time footage of a high contrast shelf cloud over the Lake Michigan.

Catalog ID: 05032012_ET1

5/24/2002 Mammatus clouds stock footage

5/24/2002 Mammatus clouds stock footage B-Roll

Stock footage of vivid Mammatus clouds in the golden setting sunlight. Various shots of Mammatus clouds.

Catalog #: 05242002_BR

5/30/2011 Lexington, NE Mammatus Clouds stock footage

5/30/2011 Stock footage of Mammatus, also known as mammatocumulus clouds.

Clip 1, Short clip of Mammatus Clouds in the sky.
Clip 2, Time-Lapse of Mammatus Clouds moving across the sky.
Clip 3, Wide shot with the ground in view of Mammatus cloud in the sky.
Catalog ID: 05302011_ET1

5/30/2012 Jetmore, KS - Large Shelf Cloud

5/30/2012 Stock footage a large shelf cloud near Jetmore, KS moving over open country and kicking up dust as the storm moves closer.

Clip 1, Real time clip of the shelf cloud and dust.
Clip 2, Time-Lapse clip of all the footage of the large shelf cloud.

Catalog ID: 05302012_ET1

6/7/2012 Eastern, Colorado Storm Structure stock footage B-Roll

6/7/2012 Time Lapse B-Roll footage of high plains storm structure over eastern Colorado. Video shows a very large shelf cloud on the leading edge of a storm and lowering clouds.

Catalog ID: 06072012_ET1

11/7/2006 Longs Peak, CO Clouds & Mountains Video

11/7/2006 B-Roll Footage of storm clouds roll over the mountain peaks. Example of Orographic lifting of clouds over a mountain range.

Catalog #: 11072006_DC1

7/18/2007 Florida coastline with colorful storm clouds at sunset

7/18/2007 Colorful storm clouds in Bradenton, Florida on a summer day near Manatee River.

Catalog ID: 20070718a SSM 16x9 FL Color Storm Clouds

8/28/2007 Colorful Cumulus Clouds

8/28/2007 Along the coastline on the Gulf of Mexico in Siesta Key, Florida the setting sun illuminates towering cumulus storm clouds in vivid colors which are being side lit by the sun along with a group of condos.

Catalog ID: 20070828e SSM 16x9 Colorful Cumulus Clouds

 9/7/2007 Peaceful Beach Scene on the Gulf

9/7/2007 A peaceful beach and Gulf of Mexico scene in the early evening at Siesta Beach, Florida with the sun back lighting clouds over the water along with a guy jogging through along the coast line.

Catalog ID: 20070907d SSM 16x9 Beach Scenics Eve