Marina stock video archive page.

General B-Roll footage from various marina's.

Tropical Storm Debby - 2012 - Marina Boats Washed On Shore

Stock video of boats that broke free from their moorings and were washed on shore.

Footage of the boats being slammed up against a sea wall and up on the shore line. Video of a sail boat that broke free and slamming into a concrete structure along the shore line.

Catalog ID: SSM_Tropical_Storm_Debby_2012_Marina

8/9/2008 Sailboats in Bay with Lightning

Sailboats on Sarasota Bay in the rain with lightning bolts coming down into the water in the distance.

Catalog ID: 20080809a SSM Sailboat Lightning Bolt

1/1/2006 Extreme low tide footage, Sarasota, FL Boats At Low Tide

1/1/2006 Extreme low tide footage. Video of boats on the bottom of a harbor during an extreme low tide event in Sarasota Florida.

Catalog ID#: 20060101c_SSM_16x9

1/13/2006 Low Tide At A Marina Video, Sarasota FL AM Bayfront Low Tide

1/13/2006 Low Tide At A Marina Video. Morning footage at the bay front in Sarasota Florida of sailboats at low-tide. Various footage of sail boats and shore line at low-tide. Sea bird walking in the water.

Catalog ID#: 20060113a_SSM

3/30/2006 Sarasota Bay Front Morning News B-Roll Video

3/30/2006 Sarasota Bay Front Morning Video. Footage of traffic along US-41 in the morning hours in Sarasota FL. Footage of people walking along the bay front and around the marina.

Catalog ID#: 20060330a_SSM

4/9/2006 Early morning footage after a thunder storm in Sarasota, FL

4/9/2006 Early morning footage after a thunder storm in Sarasota, FL. Video of people out walking around the bay front in Sarasota FL after a pre-dawn thunderstorm moved through the area. People out at the marina, walking along the beach and out getting in their morning workouts.

Catalog ID#: 20060409b_SSM

9/7/2007 Sarasota Sailboats B-Roll footage

9/7/2007 Moored sailboats sailing with yellow sails on Sarasota Bay on a sunny afternoon at Ken Thompson Park with the downtown skyline in the background.

Catalog ID: 20070907g SSM 16x9 Sarasota Sailboats

1/1/2006 Sarasota, FL Morning Coastal Fog B-Roll

1/1/2006 Morning Coastal Fog Video. Footage from a dash camera while driving in the fog. Video of a foggy beach and foggy bay. Video of boats in the fog and boats on the bottom of the bay in extreme low-tide.

Catalog ID#: 20060101a_SSM

4/15/2007 Sarasota, FL squall line video

4/15/2007 B-Roll Footage of squall line storm crossing Sarasota Bay. Boats, people, traffic in heavy rain and wind

Catalog ID#: 20070415a_SSM