Police, Fire, EMS stock video archive page.

Police, Fire, EMS footage archive page with various video of fires, police in action and search and rescue of non weather related events.

Highrise B-Roll Fire Fooage of the 8500 Tower, Bloomington, MN

Footage from the fall of 2010 of various clips of smoke rising from the top of the building from a reported fire in a kitchen vent.

Catalog ID: Highrise_Fire_HD1

5/28/2012 Sartell, MN Verso Paper Mill Fire Stock Footage

5/28/2012 Sartell, MN Verso Paper Mill Fire B-Roll Catalog.

Catalog ID: 05282012A

Barefoot Bandit Bahamas Stock Footage B-Roll - Barefoot Bandit is now Barefoot in Chains

Barefoot Bandit in custody and being taken from the Jail

Raw footage of 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore being taken from jail and brought to the airport and flown to Nassau Bahamas from Harbour Island Bahamas. Additional footage of Colton Harris-Moore going into court and leaving court priort to being deported to the United States

Catalog ID: BarefootBandit_Ti1

3/7/2005 Generic EMS, Police, & Fire Rescue Crew Stock Video

3/7/2005 Generic EMS, Police, & Fire Rescue Crew Video. Fire Fighters respond to a fire at an apartment complex in Burnsville, MN.

Catalog #: 03072005a

5/30/2005 Generic Police & Fire Rescue Stock Video

5/30/2005 Generic Police & Fire Rescue Video. Emergency services during a river search and rescue at night on the Minnesota River after a boat crashes into a barge.

Catalog #: 05302005a

6/22/2005 Generic Car Fire Footage on Interstate 35W

6/22/2005 Generic Car Fire Footage. Video of a car on fire on the side of Interstate 35 as it burns before fire crews can get to the scene to put the fire out. Footage includes Bloomington, MN fire crews putting the fire out.

Catalog #: 06222005a

7/23/2005 Fire Fighter Video, putting out house fire caused by lightning

7/23/2005 Fire Fighter Video, putting out house fire caused by lightning. Video of fire fighters putting out an attic fire caused by a lightning strike to a home.

Catalog #: 07232005b

7/24/2006 Barn Burner - B-Roll of a Farm on fire in Dakota County, MN

7/24/2006 Barn Burner - Farm on fire B-Roll Footage. B-Roll of a farm on fire. Footage of huge flames as several machine barns at a farm burn up in a huge fire. Also footage of a barn storing hay catches on fire and the fire fighters struggle to put out the inferno. Lots of fire footage and fire fighter footage.

Catalog #: 07242006a

8/13/2005 Police in action, Burnsville, MN

8/13/2005 Police Video Police have suspects at gun point while trying to take them into custody in Burnsville, MN. News footage while working freelance for local news.

Catalog # 08132005a

10/11/2005 Generic Police Video

10/11/2005 Generic Police Video shot while freelancing for KSTP. Generic police and crime scene video at dusk at a crime scene in Burnsville, MN at the Burningham Apartments. Police putting out crime scene tape. Police on the scene video.

Catalog #: 10112005a

11/7/2007 Burnsville, MN Apartment Fire

11/7/2007 Burnsville, MN Apartment Fire. B-Roll of a fire at the Greenwood Apartments in Burnsville, MN. Footage of fire crews working to put out the fire in a apartment complex along with footage of people standing outside watching what is happening.

Catalog #: 11072007A

12/8/2005 Generic Apartment Fire during the middle of the night in winter

12/8/2005 Generic Fire Video General B-Roll footage of an apartment fire in Burnsville, MN during the middle of winter.

Catalog #: 12082005a

4/24/2006 Two Alarm House Fire Video

4/24/2006 Two Alarm House Fire Video. Video of a 2 alarm house fire in Bloomington, MN. Footage of fire fighters in action while trying to put out a fire as flames and smoke surround them in a garage.

Catalog #: 04242006a