Sun dog stock video archive page.

Sun dog or sundog stock footage archive page.  Also known as parhelion and sometimes called Mock Sun is an atmospheric effect caused by ice crystal in high cold cirrus clouds.

10/4/2006 Sun Dogs Video

10/4/2006 Sun Dogs Video. Footage of Sun Dogs or Mock Suns, caused by ice crystals high up in the atmosphere bending the light waves of the sun to reflect them into an artificial sun in the sky.

Catalog #: 10042006a

12/02/2002 Sun Dog Video

12/2/2002 Sun Dog Video. Footage of Sun Dogs or False Suns.

Catalog #: 12022002a

2/15/2004 Sun Dog Stock Video

2/15/2004 Sun Dog Video - Video of Sun Dogs, also known as Mock Suns or Parhelia footage. Catalog # 02152004b

Catalog #: 02152004b