El Dorado Springs, MO Supercell & Severe Storms - 5/30/2017

A supercell thunderstorm produces amazing storm structure, funnel clouds, and hail near El Dorado Springs, Missouri on Tuesday evening.
Shot Description

1) Storm updraft base with scud clouds trying to develop a wall cloud.

2) Storm base with rain shaft.

3) Storm base with gust front.

4) Developing wall cloud north of El Dorado Springs.

5) Wider shot on developing wall cloud.

6) Flanking line on a storm to our east.

7) Funnel cloud trying to develop.

8) Storm shot.

9) Storm base with wall cloud.

10) Gust front undercutting wall cloud.

11,12,13) Shots of rotation in the storm.

14) Driving through rain and hail.

15) Rainbow shot.

16) Funnel cloud on the storm.

17) Flanking line shot.

18) Supercell at sunset.

19) Pan shot on supercell to the west and gust front to the north.

20) Amazing supercell shot at sunset.

21) Banding on supercell with rising inflow.

22) Wall cloud shot with funnel cloud in the background.

23,24,25) POV shots driving through hail.

26,27) Supercell storm off to the east with lightning in the storm tower.