Ellsworth, KS, Amazing Supercell, Hail and Lightning - 4/19/2017

Severe storms developed along a cold front over central Kansas on Wednesday evening producing large hail and damaging winds.
Shot Description

1) Pan shot on gust front.

2) Zoomed in shot on gust front with lowering.

3) Panning shot on gust front as it approaches.

4) Fixed shot on gust front.

5) Beautiful gust front shot over wheat field.

6) Driving under gust front along I70.

7) Turbulent clouds along gust front.

8-10) Various gust front shots.

11) storm base looking southwest with inflow notch.

12) Lightning flashing in a severe storm after dark.

13) Heavy rain falling with lightning flashes.

14) Blinding rain with strong winds.

15-17) Various shots of hail accumulation on the ground.

18) POV shot driving with hail on the roadway as hail fog blows across the road via a north wind.

19) Hail accumulation on a Kansas highway.