Flash Flood Rescues in Birmingham, AL - 7/24/2017

On Monday afternoon and evening, a cell formed and was almost stationary over central Alabama in Birmingham. While stationary the cell dumped a lot of rain causing flash flooding to occur on the east side of town. Water rescues was going on near the Birmingham airport.
Shot Description

Shot 1 tight shot. Rescue boats arriving
Shot 2. Medium shot. Rescue crews
Shot 3. Wide shot. Fire crews
Shot 4. Wide shot. Stopped traffic
Shot 5. Tight shot. Flowing creek current with sound
Shot 6. Wide shot. Completely impassible 6 lane highway with plane landing
Shot 7. Wide shot. Rescue boat deploying with rescue crews
Shot 8. Wide shot. Interstate sign and rescue boat rescuing victims
Shot 9. Medium shot. Fire/rescue crews bringing victims to land
Shot 10. Tight shot. Flooded road
Shot 11. Wide shot. Flooded road with stalled vehicles
Shot 12. Wide shot. Stalled car in flood zone