Hurricane Isaac 2012 Stock Video Page

Hurricane Isaac 2012 stock footage archive page. Video of Hurricane Isaac impacting the Florida Keys and Key West and making landfall along the Gulf Coast from Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Tropical Storm Isaac before becoming Hurricane Isaac, Part 1 - Key West, FL - 2012

Part one of the raw stock footage from Hurricane Isaac that was shot in Key West, FL during the August 2012 impact of Tropical Storm Isaac.

B-roll footage of storm surge, high winds blowing around palm trees, and people out around Key West, FL checking out the large waves during the storm.

Catalog ID: Isaac_CC1

Hurricane Isaac, Part 2 - Alabama and Mississippi Coastline 8/28/2012

Part two of the Hurricane Isaac raw stock footage along the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast starting near Dauphin Island and ending just north of Waveland, MS.

Footage of the storm surge flooding roads and the high winds from Hurricane Isaac flooding the coastal areas.

Catalog ID: Isaac_CC2

Hurricane Isaac, Part 3 - Eye of the storm, 8/29/2012

Raw footage shot in southern Louisiana starting in the overnight hours of Hurricane Isaac as the eye of the storm moves on shore south of Houma, LA to Chauvin and
Cocodrie, LA.

Footage show high winds in the eye wall along with the calm winds in the eye and storm damage on the road back to Houma and New Orleans, LA. Footage ends with large waves and storm surge back along the Mississippi coast.

Catalog ID: Isaac_CC3