Hurricane Isabel 2003 - Stock footage archive page

Hurricane Isabel stock footage page with various clips from the storm as it hit the North Carolina coast in September 2004.

Hurricane Isabel, Beaufort NC - Septerber 18, 2003

B-Roll footage of Hurricane Isabel hitting the North Carolina coastline. Footage shot in Davis, NC and Beaufort, NC with shots of high winds hitting houses, street flooding, damage to buildings and flying debris.

Catalog ID: Hurricane_Isabel_2003_BR

9/18/2004 - 9/21/2004 Hurricane Isabel hits North Carolina

Hurricane Isabel hits North Carolina. Waves crash into a seawall. Daredevil windsurfs down a street on a skateboard. Wind pounds rural structures and trees, producing white-out conditions. Wind gusts roar around vehicle. Fallen trees block roads. Highway sign bends and flaps in the wind.

Catalog ID: nch 092003a