Kansas After Dark Hail and Lightning - 3/6/2017

Storms brought hail, damaging winds, tornadoes, and vivid lightning to eastern Kansas on Monday evening. This video shows a storm along highway 54 in Greenwood county that produced copious amounts of hail, strong winds, and vivid lightning.
Shot Description

1) Vivid lightning bolts streak across the sky along highway 54 in eastern Kansas.

2) Slow motions shot of lightning bolt over the highway.

3) Driving trough hail with lightning streaking across the sky.

4) Driving in hail with truck taillights ahead.

5) Ford truck driving down the highway in hail.

6) Truck turning as hail falls.

7) Hail beginning to accumulate along the road.

8-12) Various shots of hail and strong winds affecting highway 54 in Greenwood County.

13) Rain and hail falling against a streetlight with lightning flashing.

15) Lightning flashing across the Kansas sky at night.

16) Still photo of lightning.