Large Hail & Funnel Near Stinnett, TX - 5/15/2017

A supercell thunderstorm produces large hail, a funnel cloud, and amazing structure across the northern Texas Panhandle on Monday evening.
Shot Description

1) Holding large hail in hand.

2) Large hail next to tennis ball.

3) Thunderstorm updraft.

4) Supercell thunderstorm southwest of Stinnett.

5) Hail falling on the highway.

6) Supercell southwest of Stinnett.

7) Funnel cloud.

8) Behind wall cloud shot.

9) RFD cut with anti-cyclonic rotation.

10) Wall cloud with tornado sirens going off in the town of Stinnett.

11) Wall cloud to the east with lightning strike.

12) Driving through rain and hail.

13) Hail covering the road.

14) Lowering on supercell with lightning.

15) Supercell updraft at sunset.

16) Wall cloud with lightning flashes.