US Virgin Island Recovery Efforts, Tim Duncan helping out - 9/15/2017

Video featuring Tim Duncan formerly of the San Antonio Spurs handing out relief supply and food in St.Thomas on Friday September 15th, 2017

Shot Description

B-Roll of the relief efforts in Saint Thomas, USVI.

Fort Myers, FL Hurricane Irma Eye Wall and Flooding - 9/10/2017

Hurricane Irma comes ashore in SW FL. Shots of driving through the eyewall of the storm as well as the flooding that occurred afterwards.
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9/12/2107 Hurricane Irma, US Virgin Island Aftermath Update

Footage from Saint Thomas, US Virgin Island of the aftermath and recovery efforts.  

B-Roll footage and interviews with local residents about the storm and the recovery efforts.

Fort Myers, FL Hurricane Irma after the storm - 9/11/2017

Nearly a foot of rain from Hurricane Irma caused extensive fresh-water flooding in the Lehigh Acres suburb of Ft. Myers FL. Shots of flooded vehicles, people wading in deep water, traffic driving through flood waters, and some wind damage to structures.

Hurricane Irma, Florida Keys after the storm - 9/10/2017

CAT 4 Hurricane Irma aftermath footage of wind and storm surge damaged homes, and businesses, damaged Bahia Honda State Park, stranded boats on US Highway 1, flooded vehicles, and wildlife stranded by storm.

Marco Island, FL Slammed by Hurricane Irma - 9/10/2017

Footage of Hurricane Irma - Landfall in Collier County, FL
Shot Description

1). Parking garage shots.

2). Eyewall hits parking lot of resort.

3). Myself with shirt being nearly torn off.

4). Building looking up / tennis court area.

Hurricane Irma Landfall Devastates Lower Florida Keys 9/10/2017

Powerful Category 4 Hurricane Irma Landfall over Lower Florida Keys.

Lee County, FL Extreme Eyewall Winds in Hurricane Irma - 9/10/2017

The Eyewall of Hurricane Irma batters Lee County, FL right at sundown with extreme hurricane force winds, and storm surge.

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South Naples, FL Hurricane Irma Eyewall & Damage 9/10/2017

During the eyewall of Hurricane Irma south Naples took a beating. For a while it what total whiteout conditions with side blowing and wind driven rain. Several business sustained damage. Also 2 mobile home parks sustained major damage.
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