Extreme Tornado Footage of Standard & Washburn, IL Tornadoes - 2/28/2017

Stock Footage Archive of the Standard & Washburn, IL Tornado shot on 2/28/2017

Footage from the tornadoes that impacted the Standard & Washburn, IL area during the tornado outbreak.  

Perryville, MO Tornado And Damage - 2/28/2017

Damaging night time tornado illuminated by transformer explosions. Storm chasers witness complete destruction of a home just a few hundred feet from where they had positioned.

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Tornado forming right in front of the camera near Morris, IL - 2/28/2017

Video of a tornado forming near Morris, IL as traffic drives towards the tornado and power flashes can be seen at the ground level.
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Seneca, IL Tornado 2/28/2017

Tornado forming North of Seneca, IL near US 6 and Seneca road.
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One long clip from the dash board camera of the chaser North of Seneca, IL
Near US 6 and Seneca road as the tornado forms and touches down.

Ava & Vergennes, IL Afterdark Tornado Power Flash & Storm Damage - 2/28/2017

Destructive tornado that moved over Perryville, Missouri crossed the river into Illinois and did significant damage from Ava to Elkville, blocking several roads and destroying homes.

Video shot on south side of Vergennes, pronounced Ver-Jenns

Illinois Tornadoes & Severe Warned Storm Coverage - 2/28/2017

Footage from our partners at JWSevereWeather who documented several tornado warned storms and severe warned storm system across NW Illinois on Feb 28, 2017.
Shot Description

Shot 1 - Large Two miles east of Washburn, Il 527 PM - By Will Wight

Ottawa, IL Wedge Tornado and Storm Damage - 2/28/2017

A Moderate risk of tornadoes was issued on 2/28/2017, a large wedge tornado formed near Ottawa and caused damage to the town including one fatality.
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Northern, IL TORNADO & Storm Chase Live - 2/28/2017

Live stream from Jesse Walters and the JW Severe Weather Team from Northern IL.

Virginia Beach, VA Chesapeake Bay Lightning & Waterspout - 2/25/2017

Multiple clips of of cloud to cloud and cloud to ground lightning over the Chesapeake Bay off the coast of Virginia Beach, VA.


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