Hastings, NE Storms - 6/13/2017

Followed a storm in Southern Nebraska that produced heavy rain, intense lightning and tennis ball size hail. Local flooding in Hastings Ne. with cars driving thru the water.
Shot Description

Humphrey, NE Severe Wind and Storm Damage - 6/13/2017

Damaging Severe High Winds Hammer Nebraska for Third Day:
Semi-truck overturned injuring driver from damaging severe winds in Humphrey, Nebraska. Also dramatic lightning with a double rainbow from severe damaging storms over eastern Nebraska.

Hastings, NE Hail - 6/13/2017

A hail storm came through southern Nebraska, in the town of Hastings. The storm dropped golf ball size hail and torrential rains.
Shot Description
Shot 1: Wide shot of large hail falling in town.

Cyrus, MN Tornado - 6/13/2017

Short raw clip of the tornado near Cyrus, MN.  Footage shot from the glacial ridge over looking the area to the west at highway 28 and highway 55.

Bayard, NE Tornadoes and storm damage - 6/12/2017

Large, damaging tornado outbreak over western Nebraska:
Footage of several tornadoes including a tornado causing damage to Bayard NE, a derailed train, overturned tractor trailers, and damaged homes and farms. Also footage of close dramatic lightning strikes

Hereford Colorado Tornado and Storm Damage - 6/12/2017

A cyclical supercell produced tornadoes from near Hereford, Colorado through western Nebraska. We witnessed multiple tornadoes, baseball sized hail, overturned rail cars and semi trucks due to intense RFD winds.
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Tornado, Hail and Storm Damage Colorado & Nebraska - 6/12/2017

Two-part video of a damaging tornado in the extreme western part of the Nebraska Panhandle and large hail earlier in the dat=y in extreme northern Colorado.
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Harrisburg, NE Tornadoes - 6/12/2017

A storm produced a number of tornadoes of different sizes and shapes, near Harrisburg, NE. This video captures numerous tornadoes including close up footage of a tornado ripping foliage from the ground.
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Up close footage of the Carpenter, WY Tornado - 6/12/2017

Amazing footage of the Weld County Colorado tornado as the videographer drives up next to the tornado and tracks the tornado as it moves over the country side less then a mile away.
Shot Description

Tornado on the Colorado & Wyoming Border - 6/12/2017

Tornado on Colorado Wyoming Border near Hereford, Colorado
Shot Description

Opening shot is tornado condensing to ground, 2nd shot is a nice rope, and final shots are of the rope out while tornado was a couple miles into Wyoming.


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