4/15/2013 Sunset, TX Spikey Hailstorm

The first day of a series of severe weather days kicked off across Texas with a couple of severe storms northwest of DFW that produced large, spiked hailstones across northern Texas.

Several more days of severe weather are expected with a major outbreak possible midweek. Meanwhile, this was just the kick off.

TRT - 2:33

Scene 1: Spiked 1.25" hailstone being rotated in hand.

4/14/2013 Interstate 94 & Barnesville, MN area Winter Storm B-Roll

It may be Spring but the west central and northwestern Minnesota are getting slammed with another brutal winter storm system..

A mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain fell over the area around Barnesville, MN which is in Clay County and just 22 miles southwest of the Fargo & Moorhead metro area.

New Live Streaming Test. We now have live streaming in HD

Doing some tests today on the live streaming with our partners at www.LiveNewsVideoNetwork.com and we now have the 1080 live streaming up and running.    Click on the image below to see the larger version of the test screens.

4/14/2013 Blizzard Conditions along the MN and ND boarder.

New footage from Nick Elms and Amanda Hill of the Blizzard conditions near Britton, SD.

Video footage showing the sharp transition from freezing rain & Ice Storm conditions to Extreme Blizzard conditions with Heavy snow & Blowing snow driven by strong easterly winds gusting upwards of 45MPH producing Whiteout conditions on the North Dakota/South Dakota border in Marshall county near Britton SD.

4/14/2013 Winter Storm on the MN & SD Boarder

New video in from Nick Elms & Amanda Hill from far west central MN & the SD boarder of the freezing rain, ice storm and winter storm.

4/11/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Winter Storm in the middle of spring.

A major winter storm hit the central Minnesota city of Saint Cloud hard before noon today.

The storm dumped 9 inches of very heavy wet snow on the area and made driving extremely dangerous.

Total Run Time 6:17

Clip 1 Flags blowing in the heavy snow

Clip 2 So you think it is spring? Pull back shot of heavy snow covering branches with a creek flowing.

4/10/2013 Lawton, OK Power Lines Shorting Out

New footage from Simon Brewer and Juston Drake of some intense power lines shorting out due to the storms that hit the Lawton, OK area during the overnight hours.

Footage shows close range power flashes with police showing up to investigate what was happening as the high winds created an extremely powerful light shows as the high voltage electrical lines shorted out.

4/9/2013 Windthorst, TX Severe Storms B-Roll

New B-Roll footage of Lightning Supercell Large Hail South of Windthorst, TX on from Simon Brewer and Juson Drake.

4/9/2013 Abilene, KS Hail Storm

The severe weather potential to me did not look very likely this morning so I decided to head from Salina, KS back to Kansas City, Missouri.

4/9/2013 Chase County, KS Severe Storm B-Roll

Severe storms erupted across parts of Kansas along a cold front that was dropping temperatures nearly 30 degrees in 5 minutes. Several severe storms fired along the front, including one in Chase County near Elmdale where this video package was shot.

Scene 1 - Very large ominous wall cloud on storm.

Scene 2 - Very ominous dark cloud, detached wall cloud.


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