08/16/2010 Gary, CO Standing Under Tornado Video

On Monday, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Eric Treece was chasing one of the several tornadoes that formed in eastern Colorado along Highway 71 south of Brush, CO.

In the footage, Eric is standing underneath a rope tornado that is less than a quarter mile away from him on the ground and rises up and extends over him as it goes up to the cloud base. The video pans back to the ground and back up to the cloud base to show how large and how long the tornado actual is.

08/16/2010 Eaton, CO heavy rain and high winds

Justin King was out in near zero visibility rain and high wind in Eaton Colorado on Monday. The rain was blowing across access road so hard, on highway 85 that cars stopped until it was safe to continue driving. Minor street flooding was also occurring due to over six inches of rain that fell over the area.


08/16/2010 destructive tornado near Nine Mile Corner, Colorado

Today Tony Laubach caught this damaging tornado that touched down in eastern Colorado that shows a tornado destroying several outbuildings in the Nine Mile Corner area approximately 10 miles south of Brush, Colorado in Morgan County, Colorado.

This dramatic video of outbuildings being destroyed shows debris being lofted into the air and into nearby power lines causing sparks. Additional footage includes various shots of tornado life cycle where it was in a Rope Tornado that stretched out for several miles.

08/12/2010 Bowbells, ND Afterdark Wedge Tornado

Taken from Hwy 52, 7 miles North of Kenmare, ND looking west towards Bowbells, ND. Tornado was moving ESE along Hwy 52. It stayed mostly rural until it crossed Hwy 52 neer Upper Des Lacs Lake. The damage footage shows the area where the tornado crossed Hwy 52. A farm was destroyed, machinery was rolled into a pile near the road. A small car that broke down earlier in the day just happened to be in the tornado's damage path that evening. No one occupied the car at the time of the tornado.

08/11/2010 Sarasota, FL TD5 Squalls

Today squalls from Tropical Depression 5 (TD5) were reaching the coast of SW Florida this morning bringing heavy rains and gusty winds to near tropical storm force as TD5 moves back over the Gulf of Mexico and heads towards the northern coastline.

TD5 will impact the New Orleans, LA area on Thursday while impacting the area of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill on it's way to the northern Gulf Coast.

08/10/2010 Sarasota, FL Tropical Depression 5

Tropical Depression 5 is winding up just offshore SW Florida as of 7:40 pm EST that this was numbered TD5 and was out on the beach shooting by 8:00pm EST. Bands of omnious rain squalls are setting up and surf is beginning to build. HD video. TRT 1:48

08/09/2010 Arvada, CO Small Hail and Urban Flooding

Slow moving monsoon thunderstorms develop across the Colorado front range dumping excessive rainfall as well as small (pea to marble) hail. One storm formed over the northwest suburbs of Denver with over an inch of rain falling in less than 1 hour.

08/09/10 Sarasota, FL Lightning at dusk

Our Weather Paparazzi in Sarasota Florida, Brian Dombroski shot this footage of beautiful crawler lightning at dusk just offshore  from Siesta Key public beach.

08/08/2010 Eastern, Colorado extreme lightning video

The second severe weather season has started with tornadoes in Minnesota over the weekend and now extreme lightning in Colorado. 

Eric Treece shot some amazing lightning footage last night near Peyton, CO.  The video shows cloud to cloud and cloud to ground lightning over open country.

08/07/2010 Richland County, ND Wilkin County, MN Tornado Video

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Eric Whitehill video taped a long lived tornado Saturday night.

A violent tornado touched down just after 6:00 p.m. Saturday in Rural Richland County, North Dakota and crossed over the Red River into Wilkin County, Minnesota.  The tornado was on the ground for over twenty minutes and hit at least two farms and caused significant damage.


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