4/8/2013 Colorado Tornado Video

New video in from Juston Drake and Simon Brewer of the Tornado that touched down briefly over eastern Colorado, South of Bonny Lake, CO under a supercell thunderstorm.

B-Roll footage shows the Tornado and Supercell over Yuma County, CO on 04/08/2013, South of Bonny Lake.

4/8/2013 Northwest Kansas Dusty Inflow under thunderstorm

Northwestern Kansas documenting the severe thunderstorm that headed northeast out of Burlington, Colorado.

4/8/2013 Cheyenne County, KS Hail Storm

Footage from Brandon Ivey while storm chasing with Sean Casey and the TIV or Tornado Intercept Vehicle. 

The footage shows a severe thunderstorm, which eventually went tornado warned along highway 36 in NW Kansas. Video package starts out with hail falling, holding hail, storm structure, and a couple lightning shots.

4/7/2013 Barton County, Kansas Severe Storms

A brief spin up with what is normally called a GustNado under a rapidly rotating storm and large hail falls near Great Bend, KS.

1) Brief spin-up or gustnado underneath a rotating cloud base.

2) Rotation in the clouds with a small/shallow funnel cloud.

3) Hail falling and bouncing in a field.

4) Hail falling on the road.

5) A nickel sized hailstone.

4/7/2013 Taking cover from the large hail in La Crosse, KS

Brand new footage from Tim Baker of the hail hitting in La Crosse, Kansas and people taking cover from the hail.

People flee from hail storm and hide under a car port at gas station in La Crosse, Kansas.

4/7/2013 La Crosse, Kansas Hail Storm and Storm Chase

Brand new footage from Brandon Sullivan and the Tornado Titans of the hail hitting in La Crosse, KS tonight

B-Roll footage from Brandon Sullivan with the Tornado Titans chase team of the hail storm that hit the La Crosse, Kansas area Sunday afternoon with golf ball sized hail and a clouds with strong rotation.

Shot 1: Shows cars seeking shelter as 2 inch diameter hail pelts the ground.

4/7/2013 Rush County KS Golfball Size Hail Storm

Brand new video in from Tony Laubach of the hail storm hitting in Rush County, KS tonight.

The first of multiple severe weather days occurred across Kansas where a supercell dumped copious amounts of hail upwards of 2-inches across the central parts of the state.

Video packages includes shots across Rush County from La Cross to Otis, Kansas.

4/6/2013 Duluth, MN Snow Storm

The old saying that April Showers Bring May Flowers, so what does April snow bring?

New video of the heavy snow and freezing fog started up during the overnight hours. B-Roll footage from around Duluth, MN from Canal Park down by the lake shore to the west side of town up on top of the city of the heavy snow.

3/29/2013 El Reno, OK Hail Storm Footage

Brand new early season hail storm footage from the storms in El Reno, OK today.

Shot 1: Shows copious amounts of hail covering the ground completely at a wide shot. You can hear the hail hitting buildings in the background.

Shot 2: Tight shot of the hail covering the ground and still falling.

Shot 3: Medium shot of hail falling into a wooded area.

3/25/2013 Indianapolis, IN Digging Out

With the brunt of the storm moved east of Indiana, leftover snows continued through the morning hours across Indianapolis adding several more inches to Sunday's totals with many areas receiving between 6-10 inches. Many schools that were not on Spring Break were closed, and residents were enjoying a snow day.


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