Site rebuild update and latest videos.

We are almost ready to launch the new site format and have been super busy behind the scenes with working on updating databases and chasing. 

This morning we were out documenting the the pre-dawn conjunction of Venus and Jupiter when the Auroras peaked for a couple of minutes to make for some rare photographs of the planets with the Northern Lights. 

6/25/2012 Sarasota, Florida, Siesta Key, Tropical Storm Debby Flooding

Tropical Storm Debby continues its assault on the Gulf Coast of the state of Florida with up to fifteen inches of rain, high winds, dangerous surf along with coastal flooding.  The only silver lining to Tropical Storm Debby is the impact on the drought that has been ongoing in Florida for several months.

6/24/2012 Tropical Storm Debby hitting Sarasota Florida hard

Brand new video of Tropical Storm Debby impacting the Sarasota, FL coast on Sunday afternoon. 

Tropical storm Debby is a strong tropical storm with sustained winds of 60 mph but it is frustrating forecasters and residents along the United States gulf coast because its forecast track is uncertain.  

Fullerton, NE Hail storm

New video from Brandon Ivey of the hail in Fullerton, Nebraska Yesterday.

A supercell thunderstorm produces large hail and a high based wall cloud over Nance County Nebraska. Video package shows multiple hail shots along with a few shots of the wall cloud and one high based funnel cloud.

5/1/2012 Stearns County, MN Tornadoes

Brand new video from Stearns County, MN of the tornado that dropped just west of Saint Cloud and moved into the metro area.

Severe storms hit central Minnesota and supercell thunderstorms produced several tornadoes from just south of Sauk Centre to Saint Cloud.

Video starts out with a very large wall cloud over Saint Cloud, MN in the first three clips.

The remaining video shows a tornado on the ground about four miles south of Sauk Centre, MN.

Hedley, TX huge hail footage

Brand new video in from Tony Laubach of the huge hail in Texas that shows him getting his windshield smashed in. 

Baseball sized hail destroys vehicle windshields. Shot just north of Hedley on TX-273 and opens with POV during storm as windshield is destroyed. Various shots of POV during storm, then transitions to shots of hail compared with tennis-balls along with shots of damaged vehicles.

Greensburg, KS area Large Hail and Funnel Clouds

Brand new video in from Brandon Ivey of the funnel clouds and huge hail near Greensburg, KS

4/24/2012 Northern Lights fill the sky over Minnesota

The Aurora Borealis, aka "Northern Lights" filled the sky over northern Minnesota this morning.  A moderate geomagnetic storm occurred with the arrival of the Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that erupted off the sun on April 18th and 19th. 

Time-lapse video shot from just northwest of Fergus Falls, MN after 1:00 a.m. this morning.

News Video Updates for the week of April 15

Just want to remind everyone that were working on our new website and for the latest news video's, visit our Youtube channel at

3/18/2012 Oklahoma Tornadoes

Yesterday our crews caught several tornadoes and large hail in western Oklahoma.

The first video was from Eric Treece who caught the tornado near Willow, OK.

The next video is from Brandon Ivey who caught Multiple Tornadoes and Hail
near Greer County, Oklahoma.


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