6/20/2011 Nebraska Tornado Compilation Video

Monday was a classic storm chasing day in south central Nebraska as multiple tornadoes hit Hamilton and York counties. We have put together this compilation video from several of our StormChasingVideo.com freelance chasers to show the power and the beauty of the violent tornadoes in Nebraska on Monday.

6/19/2011 Dundy County, Nebraska Tornado

Brandon Ivey was chasing with the TIV or Tornado Intercept Vehicle crew today near Dundy County, Nebraska where they shot this tornado video. Footage includes various wall cloud shots, tornado video and ends with scenes from the gust frontal passage and wall cloud.

6/19/2011 McCook, NE Tornado

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Eric Treece core punched into the rear flank downdraft of the storm near McCook, NE. As soon he drives out of the heavy rain, the tornado suddenly appears approximately 3/4 of a mile ahead of him in an open field.

6/17/2011 Elizabeth Colorado Severe Thunderstorms

Hail falling in Elizabeth CO. Severe warned thunderstorm near Simla CO....the same storm eventually goes tornado warned and has some phenomenal structure! The storms then goes outflow dominant and proceeds to fall apart.

6/17/2011 Willmar Minnesota area Wall Clouds and thunderstorms

Severe storms and a tornado warned storm impacted the Kandiyohi County area to the south of Willmar, MN.

The slow moving storms made for some great time lapse video as the storms virtually sat in place.

The video shows a great looking thunderstorm with a wall cloud and possible weak funnel cloud under it that was very brief before falling apart.

Also in this video is a time lapse of the storm from the dash camera to show the storm motion.

6/17/2011 Colorado Wall Cloud and Hail storm

Severe storms rake the Colorado eastern plains with tons of hail and high winds. One tornadic storm produced a wall cloud and funnel southeast of Limon, but no tornadoes were reported.

6/17/2011 McPherson County Kansas tornado warning

Severe storms and a possible tornado were in the sky over McPherson County, Kansas on Friday. BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was out chasing the storms and documented the wall cloud as a tornado siren could be heard in the background before the heavy rain and high winds fell on the area.

6/16/2011 Gering Nebraska and Northeast Colorado storm chasing footage

Storm approaching Gering, NE from the west. As the storm approaches the outflow winds kick up dust blowing it across HWY 71 south of Gering, NE. Addition outflow wind video is added from a storm in Washington County, Colorado. This video shows extreme dust and tumbleweeds blowing across County Rd 55. Last segments show some lightning taken near Joes, CO.

6/16/2011 Laramie County WY Severe Storms

A line of severe storms developed in the foothills of Wyoming and pushed east across eastern Wyoming and into the Nebraska panhandle bringing hail, high winds, and lot of blowing dust out ahead of the line.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach shot this video package which starts near exit 34 on Interstate 25, just north of Cheyenne, WY as incoming storm was moving in from the west. Various structure shots of the shelf cloud as it moves toward the Interstate.

6/15/2011 Nassau Bahamas Funnel Cloud And Tornado

Tower camera footage of a tornado forming over the Island of Nassau in the Bahamas. Footage shows a funnel cloud forming and then a debris cloud on the ground can be seen as the tornado touches down briefly.

No audio on this clip.


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