3/9/2013 Stearns County Minnesota Ice Storm

Multiple vehicle spin-outs crashes and ice covered slippery road conditions along I-94 in central Minnesota during and following a first wave of ice pellets and heavy freezing rain & fog as a large late winter storm approaches.   Footage shot in Stearns County, MN.

3/9/2013 Thornton, CO Thornton Morning Snowfall

A very potent, early March snowstorm moved into the Denver metro area around 5am this morning bringing with it snowfall rates up to 2 inches per hour. Winter Storm warnings are up for the Denver metro with Blizzard warnings in effect for much of the Northeastern Colorado plains.

The video features heavy snow falling, snowplows, and predawn road conditions.

3/5/2013 Twin Cities Winter Storm B-Roll

The winter storm continued this morning in the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota with the area receiving around nine inches of snow before the storm subsided.

Clip 1 Tracking shot with snow plows coming towards the camera and pans to the right with the Minneapolis, MN skyline in the shot.

3/5/2013 Carbondale, IL Heavy Snow Storm

A large winter storm across the center part of the country stretches from the Canadian border all the way into southern IL and across the Great Lakes.

Heavy snows fell for a few hours across extreme southern IL where up to 2-inches fell in less than 90-minutes.

3/4/2013 Minnesota Winter Storm Travel Hazard

The central part of Minnesota is under a winter storm warning until Noon tomorrow as a powerful weather system is taking am on the area with several waves of heavy snow.

Footage shows the hazardous driving conditions along Interstate 94 late this morning as the first round of snow made the roads very hazardous to drive on.

Clip 01 Skyline Shot Of Minneapolis, MN

2/26/2013 Kansas City, MO Winter Storm Aftermath

The aftermath of the second major snow storm to hit Kansas City, Missouri caused issues on the Interstates. Multiple MODOT plows became stuck when trying to plow the roads.

2/25/2013 Kansas City Overnight Snow Traffic Hazards

The second round of snow came through the Southern Kansas City, Missouri area Monday, February 25, 2013 starting around 9pm.

2/25/2013 Wichita, KS Overnight Snow Storm

Five inches of new snow has fallen today in Wichita and the snow is still coming down heavy.

Video package shows the heavy snowstorm that is affecting the area and how traffic is dealing with the snow-packed roads.

TRT - 3:58

1) A long shot of a lady clearing snow from her vehicle with a snow plow clearing the parking lot in the foreground.

2/25/2013 Kansas City, MO Major Snow Storm At Rush Hour

The beginning of the second round of a major snow storm started in the Kansas City Area around 4pm on Monday, February 25, 2013.

2/25/2013 Wichita, Kansas Winter Travel Hazard / Blizzard Warning

Heavy snow fell over Wichita, Kansas early this afternoon, creating slick roads and hazardous traveling conditions. More snow is expected through the overnight hours with blizzard conditions setting in.

TRT - 4:32

1) White, Mazda 3 stuck on the side of the highway.

2) Motorist Assist getting out to tell traffic to slow down to to accident ahead and slick conditions.


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