2/24/2013 Eastern, CO Elbert & Arapahoe County Blizzard

The latest round of nasty winter weather hits eastern Colorado this afternoon with blizzard conditions that made travel very hazardous.

2/24/2013 Loveland, CO Winter Storm / Blizzard

Video from the Loveland, Johnstown, and Windsor Colorado area of the heavy snow, near whiteout and blizzard conditions at times.

NWS only predicted 4 inches of snow, and as of this filming nearly 10 inches of snow had fallen and was still coming down. Winds out of the North-North West were making it very difficult for plows to keep up with road conditions.

2/24/2013 Mead, CO Highway Blizzard

Blizzard conditions persisted through the day across Denver as a major winter storm brought traffic to a standstill near the town of Mead between Denver and Ft. Collins.

A multi-vehicle crash virtually shut down I-25 as white-out conditions reduced visibility to a couple hundred feet. High winds combined with the extremely heavy snow made traffic nearly impossible.

New Blizzard B-Roll footage from Denver, CO

The second major winter storm in less than a week slams into Colorado early Saturday night with extremely heavy snow and wind.

The storm started just after 9pm local time and quickly dumped a couple inches of snow, mostly over the northern suburbs of Denver. Much more was expected overnight with up to a foot or more expected by Sunday evening.

TRT - 2:55

2/21/2013 Winter storm dumps 18 inches of snow on the Hays, KS area.

Adverse winter conditions forced I-70 to close from Hays to Salina.

Over a foot and a half of snow has fallen in the area creating hazardous driving conditions with poor visibility. City and County transportation workers struggle to keep the main roads open as the powerful system rolls through.

2/21/2013 Wichita, KS After Snow Clean Up B-Roll

Wichita digs out from the heavy snow after nearly a foot of accumulation.

TRT - 4:23

1) A car that slid off the entrance ramp to interstate 135.

2,3,4,5,6) Various shots of three different trucks trying to pull the car back onto the road.

7) A girl, who got out of school today, is out shoveling the driveway.

8) A snowplow clearing deep snow off of a city street.

2/21/2013 Kansas City, MO Major Snow Storm

The major winter storm hit the Kansas City, MO area today causing a traffic nightmare on the roads.

Footage of the heavy snow falling and deep snow pack on the ground.

Clip 1 Heavy snow falling with people waiting for the bus in the distance.

Clip 2 Someone walking in the heavy snow

Clip 3 Metro bus stuck in the snow

2/21/2013 Wichita, KS Overnight Heavy Snow

Heavy, wet snow fell overnight in Wichita, Kansas burying roads to nearly impassible conditions.

The Wichita area has seen between 10-12" of snow so far with this storm.

TRT - 2:36

1) A man filling up a gas can in the heavy snow.

2) A guy trying to sweep away the snow from around his tires after his car gets stuck in the deep snow.

2/20/2013 Denver and Golden, Colo - Hazardous Travel Footage

A monster winter storm is plaguing the U.S. with snow from Arizona into the Heartland. Colorado is the middle ground for this storm with several inches falling very quickly during the evening rush.

Snow continued well into the evening before tapering off and continuing its march into Kansas and Nebraska.

2/20/2013 Hays, KS Winter Storm Footage

The powerful winter storm system impacting the central part of the United States is bulls-eyed to hit the area around Hays, Kansas the hardest.  

Video shows the heavy snow and high winds moving into the area as the snow was starting to really fall during late afternoon and early evening as crews worked to try and keep the roads cleared.


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