10/6/2011 High winds shut down Interstate 70 around Colby, KS

A powerful storm system moved into the high plains creating powerful winds that closed down highways and interstates all across eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

10/1/2011 Minneapolis, MN Lake Harriet Fall Colors

The first of October was a picture perfect day in Minneapolis, MN as the fall colors were coming out with temps in the 60 around Lake Harriet.

9/25/2011 Ely, MN area fall colors

With the cooler nights and shorter daylight hour's the fall season annual changing of the colors is happening a few weeks ahead of schedule.

In this video shot around the Ely, MN area on Sunday it shows how the colors are starting to peak with vivid Red, Orange, and Yellow leafs as the the Maple, Birch, Oaks and Aspen are all getting into their most extreme colors of the season.

Hurricane Irene video - stock footage archives now on line.

We now have our complete Hurricane Irene Videos for stock footage sale on line for intimidate licensing. 

To obtain the a downloadable copy, please contact us with your project and contact information.

Video #1 - 8/25/2011 Hurricane Irene Hits Nassau Bahamas

Hurricane Irene Slams Groton Long Point, CT, Huntington, NY, North Carolina and Virginia

Were still in the field for hurricane Irenee so updates and internet are spotty. 

All of our crews made it through the hurricane just fine and we will be updating this page tomorrow and later this week with stock footage.

Here are some of the videos from our crews that were in the Long Point - Groton, CT area.

8/28/2011 Hurricane Irene Slams Into Groton, CT Long Point Shoreline. Part 1

8/25/2011 Hurricane Irene Hit's Nassau Bahamas

BNVN has multiple crews out covering Hurricane Irene from the Bahamas to New England.  We will be updating our site and our Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/bnvn1 as new footage comes in.

8/17/2011 Last Chance,CO Landspout Tornado

Tony Laubach was back out storm chasing today and shot this high definition video of a landspout tornado in eastern Colorado along CO-71 north of the town of Last Chance. Includes bonus footage of amazing looking storm in Nebraska at end of package.

Severe storms developed across parts of Colorado and Nebraska as yet another unseasonably strong system moves into the high plains kicking off the storms.

8/17/2011 Sedgwick County, Kansas Thunderstorm and High Winds

Hurricane force winds hit the Sedgwick County Kansas area Wednesday night from severe thunderstorms moving through the area.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was out shooting this footage where high winds damaged several buildings along with making driving almost impossible at times.

8/17/2011 Saint Cloud, MN Building Fire

A fire destroyed a building on the 4200 block of Hadrian Road in Saint Cloud, MN. Hadrian road is just north of the MC Stop and Pilot Truck Stop just off of County Road 75 near Interstate 94.

8/14/2011 Stoneham, CO Hailstorm

An unseasonably busy severe weather season continues across the high plains as more severe weather moves through northeast Colorado. Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach shot this video package near the town of Stoneham, Colorado which is 26 miles north of Ft. Morgan in northeast Colorado.


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