1/28/2013 Lakewood, CO Heavy Snow

Just down I-70 from the record-warmth across Kansas, a powerful cold front raced into Colorado bringing an end to the Spring-like weather residents have enjoyed for the last week. Temperatures plummeted nearly 30-degrees between lunch and dinner with heavy snow quickly developing in the wake of the plunging front.

Video package contains footage shot in Denver's western suburbs, namely Lakewood.

1/27/2013 Twin Cities Winter Storm Footage

Footage shot around the metro area of the Twin Cities. See shot sheet for locations for each clip.

What started out as rain quickly turned to heavy snow around the Twin Cites metro area on Sunday afternoon. With this past week of sub-zero temperatures, the falling rain quickly froze on the ground and making for a very slick road surface before being covered up as the rain turned into snow.

1/27/2013 Minneapolis, MN Snow Storm

Footage of the snowstorm impacting the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Car crashes on road, slow driving on freeway, snowplow truck on freeway, spun around bus on 35W. 2 car crash off on side of road.  Footage filmed on the Northeast side of the metro.

1/22/2013 Minneapolis, MN region, it is so cold out...

With some of the coldest temperatures in several year's hitting the Minneapolis, MN region, I shoot footage today with the theme of it is so cold out???

1/19/2013 Brainerd, MN Ice Fishing Extravaganza, Blown Out By The Wind

The Brainerd, MN Ice Fishing Extravaganza is one of the larger winter weather events in northern Minnesota that attracts over ten thousand competitors and spectators on Gull Lake.  On Saturday, the weather was the winner as it beat everyone and forced many to give up early due to the high winds and blowing snow.

1/19/2013 North Dakota Interstate 29 Ground Blizzard

Tropical Storm force wind's caused a ground blizzard in northeast North Dakota this afternoon.

Condition's were perfect for a Ground Blizzard where at times there was blue sky above the camera but blowing snow with winds sustained at about 40 miles per hour.

Footage from north of Fargo around the Hillsboro ND area of extreme winter conditions with blowing snow causing a whiteout.

12/7/2012 Slick road's and car crash stock video

Title: 12/7/2012 Slick road's and car crash stock video
Stock footage of slick road conditions on Old Shakopee road in Bloomington, MN.

Footage shows a car trying to enter into the roadway and then slides on the ice covered road.  The driver floors it to get out of the way of another car slides out of control and
hits a utility pole and then is rear ended by the car he was trying to avoid.  Additional footage of vehicles sliding out of control and trying to drive on the slick road.

Catalog ID: 12072012A
Total Run Time: 02;41;03

The file size of the time coded file is: 325502976 (Warning 100,000,000 = 100 Megabytes)
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12/28/2012 O'Fallon, IL Heavy Night Snow

A series of WINTER STORM WARNINGS and WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES blankets parts of the Midwest as another snowstorm takes aim on a swath from Missouri and Illinois into Ohio. Several inches of heavy snows made for treacherous driving across these areas. Video package shot along I-64 between St. Louis and O'Fallon, Illinois.

TRT - 3:16

12/26/2012 Columbus, OH Winter Storm

Radio Personality Chris Davis joined Robin Lorenson on the December 26, 2012 Snow Storm in Columbus, Ohio.

12/20/2012 Ames, IA Blizzard Conditions

As daylight arrived, so did the extent of the blizzard conditions in the central Iowa city of Ames.  Footage of the extremely hazardous driving conditions that shows several cars and large 4x4 trucks stuck in the snow.

Shot 1: Shows a overpass sign on I35 highlighting the blizzard warning and no travel advised. The road is completely empty.


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