Hedley, TX huge hail footage

Brand new video in from Tony Laubach of the huge hail in Texas that shows him getting his windshield smashed in. 

Baseball sized hail destroys vehicle windshields. Shot just north of Hedley on TX-273 and opens with POV during storm as windshield is destroyed. Various shots of POV during storm, then transitions to shots of hail compared with tennis-balls along with shots of damaged vehicles.

Greensburg, KS area Large Hail and Funnel Clouds

Brand new video in from Brandon Ivey of the funnel clouds and huge hail near Greensburg, KS

4/24/2012 Northern Lights fill the sky over Minnesota

The Aurora Borealis, aka "Northern Lights" filled the sky over northern Minnesota this morning.  A moderate geomagnetic storm occurred with the arrival of the Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that erupted off the sun on April 18th and 19th. 

Time-lapse video shot from just northwest of Fergus Falls, MN after 1:00 a.m. this morning.

News Video Updates for the week of April 15

Just want to remind everyone that were working on our new website and for the latest news video's, visit our Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/bnvn1

3/18/2012 Oklahoma Tornadoes

Yesterday our crews caught several tornadoes and large hail in western Oklahoma.

The first video was from Eric Treece who caught the tornado near Willow, OK.

The next video is from Brandon Ivey who caught Multiple Tornadoes and Hail
near Greer County, Oklahoma.

3/15/2012 Saint Cloud, MN Police Chase Crash

One person is in jail this morning and one Minnesota State Patrol car is wrecked after a high speed police chase along Highway 10 through Saint Cloud, MN and into Clear Lake, MN before crashing. Just before 10:00 PM police were trying to stop a Chevy Pickup truck driving at a high rate of speed south bound on Highway 10. The driver lost control of the truck after trying to turn around after going through the median. No serious injuries were reported by troopers at the scene.

Dramatic Aurora Borealis Footage - Northern Lights Video

New dramatic Aurora Borealis eng footage of some vivid Northern Lights video that shows the lights in the sky dancing and pulsing over north central Minnesota.

The solar storm from the X Class solar flare finally hit the Earth during the overnight of March 8th and 9th and peaked just after midnight "G3" Geomagnetic storm just after midnight as the KP index reached 7.  The Northern Lights were strong enough to outshine the power of the full moon from just before midnight until after 2:00 am.

2/4/2012 Grand Island, NE Dig Out from the heavy wet snow.

A heavy wet snow of 8.5" (measured @ 10:13AM in Grand Island) has caused numerous large tree limbs to come down across town. Video shows people trying to dig out from the heavy wet that started falling over night as snow plows worked to clear the roads.

updates on video and the website.

It has been a few weeks since we have updated the site but that does not mean we have been sitting around goofing off. 

First off, Doug, will be at ChaserCon this month in Denver, CO in case your going and looking to ask Doug about video brokering.

We are working on a major update to bring all of our 2,000+ videos on line via our YouTube account over to our website this month and update the site along with adding a ton of new stock footage content.  Yes that is not a typo and our stock footage and ENG catalog is now well over 2,000+ videos. 

1/10/2012 Minneapolis, MN feeling like late April in January.

Record high temps in Minneapolis, MN made it feel more like late April than the second week of January. With record temps in the mid 50s around Minneapolis and little to no snow anywhere to be found, it was easier to spot people out along the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis or around Lake Harriet wearing shorts and T-Shirts then it was to spot snow piles on the ground.


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