05/22/2010 Storm Chasers Inside the Edmunds County, SD tornado.

Brandon Ivey was out storm chasing today in north central South Dakota.

He caught several tornadoes and the footage starts out with structure shots on a tornado warned super cell. It then shows a developing tornado with more storm structure while the tornado is forming over open country.

The next shots show a tornado on the ground and then they get inside the tornado with high winds hitting the armored storm chasing vehicle.

05/22/2010 Bowdle SD Tornadoes Part 2

Part two of the video of a violent long track tornado hit the area around Bowdle, South Dakota today which is west of Aberdeen, SD.

In this video from BNVN Weather Paparazzi Scott Weberpal was tracking a large wedge tornado on the ground as it moved over open country. The tornado then went on to hit and destroy a high tension power line.

05/22/2010 Bowdle, SD Large Tornadoes Part 1

A violent long track tornado hit the area around Bowdle, South Dakota today whichi is west of Aberdeen, SD.  This is a short video from BNVN Weather Paparazzi Scott Weberpal of a large cone tornado and a wedge tornado on the ground. 


Wheatland, WY

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Scott Weberpal was out storm chasing today in Wheatland, WY which is north of Cheyenne, WY where this tornadic storm produced a brief tornado over open country for several minutes.

Videos: 05/19/2010 Kingfisher, OK Tornadoes

Today Oklahoma was a storm chasing dream come true as there was a high risk for severe storms and Tornadoes

Storm chasers Tony Laubach and Ed Grubb where chasing a rain wrapped tornado tonight in Kingfisher County, OK.. They were able to get within a mile of the tornado before it was obscured from view by the rain and hail.

Video: Dumas, TX Tornado and large hail

A prelude to tomorrow's severe potential unfolded across the Texas Panhandle on Tuesday with several tornadoes touching down, including those included with this video package.

Opens up with funnel and shots of two tornadoes along TX-152 just east of Dumas, Texas. Both tornadoes were brief with the first exhibiting multi-vortex structure. The second was a brief stout cone tornado.

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Video: Oklahoma City, OK Devastated by hail storm.

A massive hail storm struck the Oklahoma City, OK area on Sunday 05/16/2010 with hail the size of golf balls to softballs. This footage by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Justin Teaque shows Vehicles seeking shelter under the Interstate 44 overpass as golf ball to tennis ball size hall falls from the sky. The heavy rain along with the hail made driving very dangerous and damage reports are into the millions of dollars at this time from the extreme hail storm.

Insane Hail video from Campo, Colorado.

Tony Laubach got in a severe thunderstorm that exploded over the small town of Campo, Colorado in extreme southeast Colorado and dumped six inches of 1-inch hail along US-287/US-385. This insane storm poured hail for over 20 minutes and created a winter-like scene in its wake. Hailstorm started at approximately 5:45pm CDT and ended about 6:05pm.

Video: Severe storms hit Texas with Lightning and Hail.

Brandon Ivey was out storm chasing in Crockett County Texas this evening and captured this amazing lightning display on camera while trying to avoid the large hail and heavy rain. The storm was tornado warned but no tornadoes were spotted by Brandon with this storm.


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