4/24/2011 Baird Texas Easter Sunday Tornado by Tony Laubach

On Easter Sunday, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was almost baptised by debris by the tornadoes that dropped down near Baird, TX.

In the video that Tony sent in, is shows tornadoes tearing across the Texas country-side along US-283 just north of the town of Baird, TX. Tony said several tornadoes touched down doing little damage over open country, but they kept people on their toes for the holiday, especially those between Abilene and Dallas.

4/24/2011 Abilene, TX to Baird, TX Easter Sunday Texas Tornado Outbreak

On Easter Sunday the tornadoes came back to north Texas with several tornadoes impacting the area from Abilene, TX to Baird, TX.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Chris Collura was chasing the storms between Abilene, TX and Baird, TX and caught several tornadoes including a large Multi-Vortex tornado.

4/23/2011 Shermon TX High Winds after dark.

Severe storms hit the Sherman Texas during the late evening with measured wind gusts of 59 miles per hour and causing minor damage.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan was in Sherman, TX when the storms hit. He was video taping the winds when a sign from a car-wash 3 blocks away flew past him and tossed across the parking lot and slammed into a car.

4/16/2011 Raleigh, NC and Wilson, NC Tornado Outbreak Footage.

Severe storms and deadly tornadoes hit Raleigh and Wilson North Carolina today and BNVN Weather Paparazzi William Coyle was their to document the historic event.

In the video that William shot, it starts out with a scene of a "Rain Wrapped" tornado passing in front of him.  The tornado hits some power lines and in the video you can see some faint power flashes as it crosses east of Raleigh on Interstate 440.

4/15/2011 Saint Cloud, MN Police Chase Crash Aftermath

One Man is dead and his passenger and a 22-year-old woman who is eight month pregnant is in serious condition after a major crash that involved at least a half dozen vehicles shut down 2nd Street (Highway 23) on the boarder of Saint Cloud and Waite Park, MN this afternoon.

4/14/2011 Tushka, OK Tornado and Damage aftermath footage.

A very large and destructive tornado hit the southeastern towns of Atoka and Tushka, Oklahoma on Thursday night causing extensive damage, multiple injuries and at least one fatality in Atoka county.

In the video by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan, he witnessed a large tornado Just south of Tushka, OK that crossed the road in front of him. After the tornado passed by his location, he saw extensive damage in the town where his chase partners and him stop the chase and started checking the houses for anyone that may have been trapped in the debris.

4/14/2011 Hominy, OK Tornado and Tornado Damage Footage

A several tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma and Kansas today causing extensive damage. In the town of Hominy, Oklahoma which is about 25 miles to the northwest of Tulsa, OK, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tim Baker was chasing a rain wrapped tornado that touched down and knocked down power poles north of town. Tim observed extensive damage to the power poles homes, and barns.

Amazing Aurora Borealis photography from central Minnesota this morning.

This morning, the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights were very active about 4:30 this morning with a vivid display of green, purple, red and pink colors that lit up the nights sky.

4/10/2011 Merrill Wisconsin Storm Damage

Video from Merrill Wisconsin of the storm damage during the late evening hours after a possible tornado hit the northern Wisconsin town.

Footage shows tree's down on houses and debris all over the ground along with people cleaning up the damage and debris.

4/9/2011 Mapleton, IA Tornado and Torando Damage

Tornado and damage aftermath footage from Mapleton, Iowa by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan.

Video of the tornado that hit the town of Mapleton, Iowa in the first part of the video and the second half of the footage shows the extensive damage to the town after dark.


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