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12/13/2010 Sarasota Florida Cold Weather Blast

In Sarasota, FL this morning, BNVN Weather Paparazzi shot this video of cold 'sand blasting' winds on Siesta Key Beach. The southern end of the massive storm system that brought blizzard conditions to the northern states is now pushing into Florida.  Most of the state of Florida is under Hard Freeze Warnings and even ind Chill Warnings for the Sunshine State.

The good news about this weather is that the surfers in Florida are loving it with high surf warnings for the Gulf Coast of Florida.

12/12/2010 Lake Michigan Huge Waves

As the extreme winter storm moved off to the east, in it's wake it brought high winds to Lake Michigan where BNVN Weather Paparazzi and Captian Eric Treece of the Wilfred Sykes was anchored in Milwaukee Harbor. Eric brought the ship in during a winter storm. Video shows misc scenes with waves smashing into the Milwaukee Harbor Lighthouse and Breakwall. The lighthouse in the video is 61' high and the waves were easily clearing the top of that as they crashed into it. Highest wind gust on the Sykes was 60 Mph.


12/11/2010 Madison, WI Blizzard video

The powerful winter storm system that hit Minneapolis, MN with blizzard conditions and dumped 17 to 21 inches of snow on the area is moving to the east.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Shannon Lupton shot this video in Madison Wisconsin that documents the extreme weather conditions as the Blizzard moves off from the Midwest to the east coast.

Various shots of snow plows on I39/90, heavy snow and wind and poor driving conditions. Footage of traffic stuck in the snow on the roadway and cars in the ditch west of Madison.

12/11/2010 Minneapolis, Blizzard Video

Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro region was hit hard with a record breaking amount of snow on Saturday. The cities just south and east of the metro area received 18 inches to 21.5 inches of snow.

This video was shot in the southern Minneapolis, MN metro area from the Burnsville, MN area which is just south of the Minnesota River to the area around the Minneapolis International Airport and Mall of America in Bloomington and into Minneapolis itself.

Video of the day, Palisades Head on the Lake Superior North Shore of Minnesota

Video of the day, here is a little known hidden away part of Minnesota, Palisades Head, on the north shore of Lake Superior. Nothing extreme, just a peaceful scenic view of one of the few places in this state where you can still risk your life on the side of a cliff

Video of the day, Loggerhead Key, FL

Video of the day, with the cold weather taking hold of the nation, I thought I would post some warm weather footage. Here is a video from Loggerhead Key, out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The footage is pretty rare since I was allowed to climb up to the top of the light house that is normally off limits. Heck the whole island is normally off limits unless you pretty much wade on shore.

Video of the day, 11/24/2010 Extreme Holiday Weather Travel Video

As the busiest travel day of the year is coming to an end, it was a rough travel day for the Midwest part of the country thanks to the weather.

In this two part video it show the heavy snow around Minneapolis, MN and the tornadic storms in Missouri.

Video of the day, reminder of the winter drive hazard on this busy holiday travel day.

Video of the day, with the busy holiday travel day upon us, and a major winter storm system impacting the midwest, here is a reminder of why it's going to suck driving today.

Video of the day, 11/21/2010 freezing rain and extreme road conditions in central Minnesota

Freezing rain, mist and drizzle put down a slick coat of ice over the roads of central and southern Minnesota today. The ice caused hundreds of crashes causing serious injuries including two fatal accidents.

The footage I shot of the slick road condition was from the Saint Cloud and Sauk Centre area of Minnesota.


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