Tornado Road aires world wide.

I have just been informed that the show we worked on a while back where I was in front of the camera and helpd out behind the scenes, called "Tornado Road" is now airing world wide on Discovery Channel and Quest.

Here is the promo video on YouTube from Discovery Netherlands.  

04/13/2010 Litchfield, MN lightning blog video.

New video from Central Minnesota, near the town of Litchfield, MN of intense lightning during the early morning hours of 04/13/2010.


Video: 04/06/2010 Sedgwick County Hail

Severe storms hit the Sedgwick County Kansas area with high winds and hail today. Video by Brandon Ivey, as the storms hit motorists with flooding rains and hail.

Live streaming services for 2010

Breaking News Video Network, Inc (BNVN) will be using the services of ChaserTV for the live streaming video starting today. 

BNVN crews that wish to stream video will now be available market their live footage along with their ENG packages with BNVN.  Since ChaserTV is a streaming service and not a broker service, their is no direct competition between the two companies.  We do recognize that their will be competition from the other clients of ChaserTV but it is no different then using a satellite uplink service.

Video: 03/16/2010 Richland County, ND major flooding on the Wild Rice River.

Today I was out covering the major flooding that is taking place in North Dakota.  The Wild Rice River is flooding it's banks and creating major flooding that is impacting eastern Richland County, ND which is just south of the Fargo area near the town of Abercrombie, ND.

Most of the rural roads within a mile of the river are being washed away as the flooding backs up into farmers fields and then spills over the roadways to create a new path for the water to flow.

Video: 03/14/2010 Sabin, MN major flooding

Today we were out covering the major flooding that is setting up in the Red River Valley to the southeast of the Fargo / Moorhead area as above normal temps rapidly melt off the winter snow pack.

Footage shows the major flooding impacting the Sabin, MN area along the Buffalo River which has burst it's banks by a half mile in places.

Video: 03/12/2010 Sarasota, FL flooding video

New video in this afternoon of the heavy rains and street flooding in Sarasota, FL from Brian D. 

New hail storm videos from today.

Today we got in two new hail storm videos from the storm chasers crews, Tony Laubach in OK and Brandon Ivey in Kansas.

The first video up is from Brandon Ivey, and the video is posted on our blog page.

Click Here to watch the video from Brandon Ivey.

2009 Tornado Footage is now all on line.

We just updated the site with all of the 2009 tornado footage catalogs.   A lot of new crazy footage in this catalog from various storms from April - June.


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