7/22/2011 Morton County, ND Hail and Wall Clouds

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was chasing a tornado warned storm that was producing up to quarter sized hail and wall clouds.
Footage shows various shots of hail falling and a large wall cloud.

Barefoot Bandit Bahamas Stock Footage B-Roll - Barefoot Bandit is now Barefoot in Chains!

Barefoot Bandit is now Barefoot in Chains!
Raw footage of Barefoot Bandit in custody and being taken from the Jail to the airport and flown to Nassau Bahamas from Harbour Island Bahamas.

B-roll of 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore being taken from jail and brought to the Nassau.

Additional footage of Colton Harris-Moore going into court and leaving court priort to being deported to the United States

Catalog ID: BarefootBandit_Ti1
Total Run Time: 10:39:18
Format: SD

7/14/2011 Denver Colorado Lightning Fire and Storms

For the NINTH (9th) day in a row, severe weather impacts Colorado and again takes aim on the Denver Metro Area leaving more hail and flooding. Early afternoon on Thursday, July 14, over an inch of rain fell across the southern portions of the Denver area in less than 1-hour. A few weather sites in Denver have recorded over 10-inches of rain since the monsoon storms began last Wednesday.

Two parts to video package.

7/13/2011 Denver Colorado Hail Storm

Severe storms again rake Colorado for the 8th day in a row bring hail, high winds, lightning, the whole shebang, to the state.

The first part of the video package shot by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach includes footage from a severe storm about 30 miles east of Colorado Springs. Various shots of structure and wall cloud along with scud tags as the storm moves immediately north of Simla, Colorado on US-24. Shots of hail up to 1-inch in diameter falling on the ground, road, and on cows.

4/24/2010 Yazoo City, MS tornado aftermath footage.

B-Roll footage of the Yazoo City, MS Tornado Aftermath

An EF4 Tornado hit Yazoo City, MS and this footage was shot within minutes of the torando moving out of the area.
Footage shot near Highways 16 and 49.
Catalog: 04242010_CC1
Total Run Time: 06:33:14
Format: HD

7/11/2011 Franktown, CO Lightning Strikes and Hail Aftermath

For the 6th day in a row, severe weather resulting from monsoonal moisture flow hammered parts of the Colorado Front Range with intense lightning, high winds, hail, and very heavy rains. Area residents have called this some of the most unusual monsoon patterns they have seen in quite some time as it has stormed daily since last Wednesday.

12/15/2005 Janesville, WI Cars Sliding In Snow stock footage

New stock footage of car's sliding on the snow covered roads around Janesville, WI during a snow storm.

Footage shows cars and trucks spinning their wheels while trying to get up a hill while the snow is falling.

Catalog ID: 12152005_SW1
Total Run Time: 01:55:07
Format: 4x3 SD

7/11/2011 Oakes, ND Storm Damage

Severe storms hit the rural area of Oakes, ND causing damage to farm buildings, grain bins and power lines.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Eric Whitehill was tracking this storm as it was hitting the south eastern area of North Dakota. The damage was from high winds and a possible tornado.

Various shots of storms and storm damage.

7/9/2011 Seibert, CO Severe storms

Severe storms move across Colorado for the fourth day in a row bringing more heavy rains, hail, and lightning to a state that's been battered with torrential rains, hail, high winds, and lightning over the last several days.

Video features a long-track supercell storm that formed near Limon, Colorado and tracked nearly due east along I-70, eventually crossing in Kansas. This storm was still ongoing several hours after it developed, tracking almost 200 miles across two states.

7/8/2011 Thornton, CO Flash Flooding

Another round of monsoonal storms dumps torrential rains across the northern portions of the Denver Metro area causing flash flooding of area streets. Many roads north of I-270/US-36 and south of 120th Avenue were impassable due to high water from the nearly 3-inches of rain that fell within a 45 minute time span.

RUNTIME - 4:00


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