06/21/2010 Log Lane Village, Small Tornado

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Justin King was chasing around Log Lane Village, CO & Akron, CO where he shot a small funnel protruding from storm where it had a non-condensed ground contact was made and the extremely high wind was pushing out a nice dust trail from the contact point.

06/20/2010 Chugwater, WY Tornadic Storm and Huge Hail video

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was on a tornadic storm that developed near I-25 and moved over the town of Chugwater, Wyoming, about 45 miles north of Cheyenne on Sunday. The video package opens up with tripoded dash footage of massive high-contrast wall cloud rotating over I-25 just south of the Chugwater exit. Next shot of a brief funnel and cloud swirls directly overhead

06/19/2010 Jewell County Kansas Tornado

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was out in Jewell County Kansas today and was chasing a large tornado. Jewell County is on the Kansas and Nebraska state line and about half way between Grand Island, NE and Salina, KS.

The tornado hit a farm and destroyed some equipment sheds but left the area undamaged for the most part.

06/17/2010 Wadena, MN Tornado Damage

Severe storms and powerful tornadoes rake western Minnesota on Thursday. Video package includes tornado video shot by TWISTEX researcher, Ed Grubb and continues with damage footage shot by TWISTEX researcher Tony Laubach.

Opening shot of one of the tornadoes in the Wadena area as chasers drive north toward town. Following shots are POV shots immediately after the tornadoes as they navigate damaged areas on the southwest side of town.

Next shots of a group of girls hugging after the storms moved out. One girl is crying.

06/17/2010 Wadena, MN Tornado and damage

Eric Whitehill was in Wadena, MN as the tornado hit the town. Eric gets video of the tornado coming into down with debris up in the air. After the town gets hit, Eric checks out the damage path around Wadena, MN.

06/17/2010 Pine City MN Tornado Damage

Pine County, MN which is south of the city of Duluth, MN, a violent tornado hit the area just east of Pine City, MN along the Minnesota and Wisconsin boarder. The tornado injured several people and destroyed one home and damaged another along Highway 70.

Check out the live powerline sparking.  This is why you need to treat all downed powerlines as live powerlines. 


06/17/2010 Wadena, MN Tornadoes

 Storm Chaser Brandon Ivey was up in Northern Minnesota in the town of Wadena for the tornado outbreak on Thursday. Brandon shot video of a multi-vortex tornado that hit the town of Wadena, MN and sent debris flying in the air.
Up close video of the tornado over a house while the winds were ripping at the shingles.


06/17/2010 Southern, MN Tornadoes

Brandon Sullivan shot this amazing tornado footage near the town of Bricelyn, MN which is about twenty miles west of Albert Lea, MN on Interstate 90.

The dramatic footage shows a cone tornado that morphs into a multi-vortex tornado and then into a wedge tornado and back to a cone and large tornado for almost an hour.

06/14/2010 Landspout Tornado video near Aspermont, Texas

Yesterday in Aspermont, Texas BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was chasing a severe thunderstorm that produced a weak land-spout tornado. 

Brandon reports that the tornado was very short lived over open country and no damage was observed.  Watch out for more severe weather today in north Texas and Oklahoma today where yesterdays flooding has already taken a huge toll on the area.

06/13/ 2010 Elmwood, OK Tornado footage

The BNVN Weather Paparazzi crews caught a strong rain wrapped tornado that touched down 7 miles south/southwest of Elmwood, Oklahoma in Beaver County.

In the footage shot by TWISTEX team members Tony Laubach, the video opens up with developing funnel cloud before going to the tornado first touching down. Couple of scenes of tornado at its mature stage as it becomes a very large cone and crosses the county road. Video ends with driving shot of tornado to chaser's north. There are reports that a farm was damaged in this tornado.


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