Video of the day, Buffalo Stampede

Video of the day, "Buffalo Stampede" While driving home from a chase a few years ago, the severe storms spooked hundreds of Buffalo in South Dakotas Custer State Park.  A park ranger I talked to afterwards said they have never seen anything like what just happened. 

11/15/2010 Video of the day, "Gales of November"

Ever wonder what it is like out on the Great Lakes this time of year? With the term "Gales Of November" immortalized in the Gordon Lightfoot song about the Edmund Fitzgerald, vision of hurricane force winds and huge waves come to mind.

11/12/2010 Video of the day, Ice Storm from 2007

Todays pick of the day goes the ice storm from 12/11/2007. 

B-Roll footage of the aftermath of an ice storm in McPherson, KS. Video of tree limbs breaking and crashing to the ground. Footage of tree limbs hanging from power lines and clean up work to clear the roads of the debris from the ice storm damage.

11/11/2010 video of the day.

As were redoing our website with the massive upgrade with our Youtube partnership now, were going to start doing a video of the day was we add new stock footage to our Youtube Channel. 

To kickoff the video of the day, it is not a hurricane, not a tornado, not even a winter storm but what some might call "Sea Food", close up Squid footage.

Slip Slidin' Away - Bridgestone Blizzak ad uses BNVN footage.

Check out the new Bridgestone Blizzak commercial that is now being broadcast around the world.  The opening shot of the footage of the car "Slip Slidin' Away" is from our March 31, 2008 winter storm spin out video.    

11/09/2010 Denver, CO First Snow Fall

In Denver Colorado, Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach reports that the first snow of the season fell across parts of the metro area on Tuesday, nearly 3 weeks after the average first snow date of October 19. However, the first snow fell 12 days shy of the November 21 record for the latest first snow.

11/05/2010 Saint Cloud, MN early morning fire B-Roll footage

Firefighters were on the scene of a two story house fire at 417 Eighth Avenue South.

In the video that from just after 7 a.m. this morning, four Saint Cloud fire trucks were on the scene along with assistance from a Sauk Rapids fire truck as the home was engulfed in flames.

10/26/2010 Overnight high winds and winter storm video

Travel in much of the upper Midwest will remain hazardous today as the snow and high winds will continue until this evening. A massive storm system hit the Upper Midwest yesterday with record low atmospheric pressure in Minnesota. As the system moves off to the northeast and into Canada, it will start to weaken throughout the day. Last night as the storm was at it's peak intensity in central Minnesota, the winds gusted up to 60 miles per hour with sustained winds in the upper 30s to lower 40s mph, which is in the tropical storm force range.

10/21/2010 Terry County, Texas Large Hail Video

In Terry County, Texas Thursday night, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was chasing the severe thunder storm that was dropping Tennis Ball sized hail east of Tokio, TX.

In the video Brandon shot, he shows off the huge hail and cars driving in the hail along Highway 380.  As the hail piles up, it causes the heavy rain to flood the ditch on the side of the highway as the hail splashes into the flood waters.

Additional footage of hail falling in a field, falling on traffic and storm clouds.

10/10/2010 Anadarko, OK Hail storm

Late on Sunday evening, BNVN Weather Paparazzi, Brandon Sullivan found himself in the middle of a severe thunderstorm that hit the central Oklahoma town of Anadarko with large hail and flash flooding.

The footage that was taken under the relative safety of a gas station canopy during the worst of the hail shows large stones up to the size of golf balls falling and smashing into the ground.

At the end of the storm as the rain and hail subsided, flooded streets remained for drivers to try and navigate in the late evening darkness.


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