10/10/2010 Horsetooth Mountain wild fire video

Sunday morning, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Justin King was out covering the wild fire near Fort Collins Colorado. The Helena hotshot fire team, Poudre Fire Authority and Larimer county fire crews were working in the town of Stout, Colorado, which is just minutes west of Fort Collins, Colorado.

The fire forced the evacuation of residents in the community of Stout and along Bighorn Crossing Road in the Bighorn Crossing subdivision but no property was damage was reported.

10/05/2010 Nassau Bahamas plane crash b-roll aftermath footage

A twin-engine Cessna charter flight out of Nassau, Bahamas crashed right after takeoff into Lake Killarney this afternoon today in the Bahamas.

The small plane had 8 people on board that were flying to the southern Bahamas island of San Salvador.

Hurricane Igor stock video catalogs now ready on line.

We now have our archive of Hurricane Igor stock footage ready on line for preview.  This is different from the ENG packages that we posted while the storm was hitting Bermuda because this is the full half hour of the best footage that our crew shot while on location. 
All of the footage was shot in High Definition, including the surge and underwater cameras that are right in the action as the waves hit our crew.  

09/19/2010 St. George Bermuda Hurricane Igor Extreme Conditions

As the center of what is left of Hurricane Igor moves closer to Bermuda, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Chris Collura was out in the middle of the worst of the hurricane during the daylight hours.

In the latest video package from Chris, he captures some insane footage of huge waves coming up and hitting his camera in the height winds. He also shot various footage of waves crashing across a roadway and the beach with hurricane storm surge and palm trees blowing in the winds.

09/19/2010 Bermuda, Hurricane Igor hits Tobacco Bay

Hurricane Igor has weakened to a Category One storm but the large waves that were generated when Igor was a very strong Category Four Hurricane are hitting the eastern side of Bermuda this afternoon as what is left of the center of circulation is passing off to the southwest.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Chris Collura just shot this amazing footage from the Eastern tip of Bermuda in Tobacco Bay of huge waves slamming into and even up and over the coast line and a roadway.

09/15/2010 Sumner County Kansas Tornado & Hail

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was out chasing the severe storm's that hit the Sedgwick and Sumner County, Kansas region today with large hail and several tornadoes.

The storms dropped baseball and softball sized hail that busted the front windshield and even broke off the drivers side mirror to Brandon's car. After the hail and heavy rain, Brandon was able to get a shot of the circulation on the ground and footage of one of the tornadoes before it became rain wrapped.

Hurricane Katrina special on ChaserTV.com

This weekend we are streaming a special broadcast on our Chasertv.com video channel of the combined Hurricane Katrina project that Chris Collura and Doug Kiesling put together.  This video is not for sale at this time and is only being aired for the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina this weekend. 

To watch the video stream, click on the link below.


08/16/2010 Gary, CO Standing Under Tornado Video

On Monday, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Eric Treece was chasing one of the several tornadoes that formed in eastern Colorado along Highway 71 south of Brush, CO.

In the footage, Eric is standing underneath a rope tornado that is less than a quarter mile away from him on the ground and rises up and extends over him as it goes up to the cloud base. The video pans back to the ground and back up to the cloud base to show how large and how long the tornado actual is.

08/16/2010 Eaton, CO heavy rain and high winds

Justin King was out in near zero visibility rain and high wind in Eaton Colorado on Monday. The rain was blowing across access road so hard, on highway 85 that cars stopped until it was safe to continue driving. Minor street flooding was also occurring due to over six inches of rain that fell over the area.


08/16/2010 destructive tornado near Nine Mile Corner, Colorado

Today Tony Laubach caught this damaging tornado that touched down in eastern Colorado that shows a tornado destroying several outbuildings in the Nine Mile Corner area approximately 10 miles south of Brush, Colorado in Morgan County, Colorado.

This dramatic video of outbuildings being destroyed shows debris being lofted into the air and into nearby power lines causing sparks. Additional footage includes various shots of tornado life cycle where it was in a Rope Tornado that stretched out for several miles.


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