06/17/2010 Wadena, MN Tornadoes

 Storm Chaser Brandon Ivey was up in Northern Minnesota in the town of Wadena for the tornado outbreak on Thursday. Brandon shot video of a multi-vortex tornado that hit the town of Wadena, MN and sent debris flying in the air.
Up close video of the tornado over a house while the winds were ripping at the shingles.


06/17/2010 Southern, MN Tornadoes

Brandon Sullivan shot this amazing tornado footage near the town of Bricelyn, MN which is about twenty miles west of Albert Lea, MN on Interstate 90.

The dramatic footage shows a cone tornado that morphs into a multi-vortex tornado and then into a wedge tornado and back to a cone and large tornado for almost an hour.

06/14/2010 Landspout Tornado video near Aspermont, Texas

Yesterday in Aspermont, Texas BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was chasing a severe thunderstorm that produced a weak land-spout tornado. 

Brandon reports that the tornado was very short lived over open country and no damage was observed.  Watch out for more severe weather today in north Texas and Oklahoma today where yesterdays flooding has already taken a huge toll on the area.

06/13/ 2010 Elmwood, OK Tornado footage

The BNVN Weather Paparazzi crews caught a strong rain wrapped tornado that touched down 7 miles south/southwest of Elmwood, Oklahoma in Beaver County.

In the footage shot by TWISTEX team members Tony Laubach, the video opens up with developing funnel cloud before going to the tornado first touching down. Couple of scenes of tornado at its mature stage as it becomes a very large cone and crosses the county road. Video ends with driving shot of tornado to chaser's north. There are reports that a farm was damaged in this tornado.

06/13/2010 Elkhorn River Flooding at Waterloo, NE

The Elkhorn river is a t flood stage just North West of the Omaha metro on in the town of Waterloo, Nebraska. Scott Bennett shot this footage to document the area as the river is expected to continue to rise tonight and into tomorrow and cause major flooding to the homes and buildings along the river.

06/12/2010 Sunray, TX Massive Hail

Tony Laubach and the Twistex Research crew were storm chasing in the Texas Panhandle on Saturday as large hail hammers the area. In the video package that Tony shot, it opens up with large hail bouncing on the roads and in the grass and fields. A couple shots of an emergency vehicle in the hail. Next shots of extremely large hail (4+ inches) being picked up and measured including one shot of 4.0" hailstone with a ruler. Ending shots with large hailstones with a baseball and tennis ball.

06/11/2010 La Junta Colorado Extreme Hail Storm

 tornado warned supercell thunderstorm hit the area around La Junta, Colorado on Friday night and dropped some extreme hail on livestock and residents.

06/11/2010 Arriba CO Weak Tornadoes & Clouds

Severe storms produce strong winds and weak tornadoes across eastern Colorado. The TWISTEX research team intercepted several weak tornadoes east of Limon, Colorado Friday evening.

Video package opens up with several cloud/structure shots before transitioning to two weak tornadoes. The first touching down north of Arriba, CO with a white cone funnel and debris swirl. Second tornado produced a dust whirl beneath funnel to which handheld and dash-cam shots are used. Last shot a wide of the storm and rain shaft.

Video: 06/10/2010 Last Chance, Colorado Torando

The newest member of the BNVN Weather Paparazzi crew, Eric Treece, caught two picturesque tornadoes near Last Chance, CO.

The tornadoes moved over open country with perfect photographic lighting to back-lite the tornado that was on the ground for several minutes. 

06/09/2010 Scottsbluff, NE_Hail and Flooding

Tony Laubach was out chasing yesterday in Scottsbluff, NE where he was in the middle of a severe storm that dumped a lot of rain and hail on the area. The video opens with several shots of heavy rain and hail falling on the west side of Scottsbluff. Video transitions to some road ponding in northern Scottsbluff where a neighborhood road turned into a small running creek. Shot opens with kids playing in the water on the road. Various shots after include vehicles driving through the streaming water, including a storm chasing mesonet vehicle.


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