Video: Washita, OK Funnel Cloud.

Severe storms continue to ravage the already storm-devastated state of Oklahoma and for the third day in a row and produced tornadic storms across the state. In this video shot by Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach of the storms in southwest Oklahoma in Washita County, it starts out at dusk with a cone funnel cloud. The rest of the footage includes various other severe weather/cloud shots along with large hail.

Video: Seminole County, OK Tornado and Storm Damage

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was out chasing today with the Storm Chasers and Twistex crew and got the tornado outbreak that created havoc in Oklahoma. Video package includes opening shots of tornadic storms across Seminole County. Opening shot includes developing tornado, followed by white funnel as it moves off to the east with a rapidly wrapping white rain curtain. Next shots include brief anti-cyclonic spin ups.

Video: Renfrow, OK Tornado Video

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Ivey was out chasing today with his chase partner Matt. The were near Renfrow, OK in Grant County where they saw this large tornado. They were northeast of the tornado and looking to the southwest where the tornado was on the ground.

Video: Wakita, OK Tornado

Footage by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Scott Weberpal of the strong multivortex tornado that formed five miles southwest of the town of  Wakita, Oklahoma on State Road 11. 

The Tornado condensed quickly and had many violent vortices that formed right in front of Scott. 

Right now a major severe storm outbreak and tornado outbreak is hitting Southern Kansas and Central Oklahoma. 

05/01/10 Jefferson County, AR Tornado Warning

Brandon Ivey was out today chasing in Jefferson County, Arkansas. In this video he is driving towards wall clouds with some interesting lowering and a funnel cloud developing. Video ends with some footage of the lightning after dark as the storm raced away from his location.

04/29/2010 Jefferson County NE Severe Storms

Description: Severe and tornadic storms move across northern Kansas and southern Nebraska. Storms produce hail, very high winds, and a few isolated tornado reports.

Video: Washington County, Kansas tornado warned storms

Brandon Ivey was out storm chasing today in Washington County, Kansas where a tornado warned storm formed. He was about to see a funnel cloud and several wall clouds. He also got into some large hail while chasing and ended the chase with an impressive gust front.

Tornado Road aires world wide.

I have just been informed that the show we worked on a while back where I was in front of the camera and helpd out behind the scenes, called "Tornado Road" is now airing world wide on Discovery Channel and Quest.

Here is the promo video on YouTube from Discovery Netherlands.  

04/13/2010 Litchfield, MN lightning blog video.

New video from Central Minnesota, near the town of Litchfield, MN of intense lightning during the early morning hours of 04/13/2010.



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