Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow & Snow Clean Up - 1/30/2017

Clipper system brought heavy snow to the Rice Lake WI area this late morning into the afternoon. This video package shows the heavy snow falling and a few near accidents along with snow removal.
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Mannsville, NY Interview & Intense Whiteout Lake Effect Snow - 1/29/2017

Interview with father & son about the Lake Effect Snow. Frequent whiteout conditions making travel nearly impossible near the town of Mannsville, NY.
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Key West, FL Cold Rain - 1/29/2017

A cold and blustery rain moves all the way down into Key West Florida as temperatures struggle to hit 60F. Cruise ship at Mallory Square in a blustery rain. Includes regular HD and timelapse clips.
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Richland, NY Intense Lake Effect Snow - 1/29/2017

Very heavy lake effect snow falls on the Tug Hill Plateau in and near Richland, NY creating treacherous travel conditions.
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Pulaski, NY Intense Lake Effect Snow - 1/29/2017

Intense Lake Effect squalls dropped almost a foot of snow on Pulaski NY over the course of only a few hours in the early morning.
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Jefferson County, NY late afternoon Lake Effect snow storm - 1/28/2017

Heavy Lake Effect snows caused hazardous travel conditions for motorists on the Tug Hill Plateau in northern NY State.
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Port Leyden & Booneville, NY Hvy Lake Effect Snow - 1/28/2017

Heavy lake effect snow falls in Port Leyden, NY & Booneville, NY as another cold airmass sweeps over the northeast.
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Rice Lake, WI Car Recovery From Thin Ice - 1/27/2017

Another vehicle recovery on Rice Lake this morning. This time it was on the other side of the lake. This car went through the ice by open water yesterday morning around 7:30.
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Huge Industrial Fire at Rock On Trucking in Waite Park, MN - 1/26/2017

Today there was a large structure fire at a maintenance building for Rock On Trucking in Waite Park, MN.

Unconfirmed reports are that an employee was welding in the shop near a large waste oil tank and it caught fire.


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