Scotts City, MO Vivid Lightning, Supercell - 4/4/2017

Footage of tornadic supercell with rain-wrapped circulation, dramatic lightning, hail falling, huge wall cloud near Stotts City MO

Palm Coast, FL Thunderstorm Timelapse

A 2-hr timelapse sequence of a thunderstorm rolling in at sunset, with lightning flashing as night falls.

Lena, LA Tornado, Lightning, Damage - 4/2/2017

Close range shot of tornado approaching & crossing I-49 hitting Lena, LA, dramatic lightning shots, and tornado damage in Jena, LA during High Risk Tornado Outbreak.

Huntsville, TX Severe Storms & Lightning - 4/2/2017

Strong storms impacted portions of east Texas during the morning and afternoon hours creating heavy rains, dangerous lightning, and low storm bases that restricted visibility.

Odessa, MN Pyro-Cumulus Induced Vorticities - 4/1/2017

Video Footage of Fire induced Pyrocumulus Clouds and Pyro-Induced Devil Vortices, forming in rare perfect atmospheric conditions over a large controlled prairie grass fire near the town of Odessa in Western Minnesota this afternoon!
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