New York New Jersey Torrential Rains Flooding - 6/19/2017

Severe Storms blast through the urban corridors of New Jersey and NYC with flash flooding, damaging winds, and lightning.
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Heavy Rains & Minor Flooding Birmingham, AL - 6/18/2017

Various shots of flash flooding on roadways and ditches. Also various shots of storm structure as the leading edge moved through. All this was caused from a near stationary cluster of cells that moved through the Birmingham metro area this evening.
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Tropical Rains in Key West, FL - 6/18/2017

Bands of squalls from the tropical disturbance in the western Caribbean have reached the lower keys bringing blustery wind driven rain to Key West. Cruise ship and tourists in tropical downpours at Mallory Square, Key West Harbor, and Front street.
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Beatrice, NE Severe Storms and Wind Damage - 6/16/2017

Roof destroyed from house, downed utility poles, snapped and uprooted trees by extreme 100 mph winds reported between Wilber and Beatrice, Nebraska.
Also shots of one of the most dramatic lightning displays witnessed.

Springfield, NE storm and storm damage B-Roll - 6/16/2017

Followed a storm over the evening that produced straight line winds over 100 mph and a few tornado's. Lightning, hail, heavy rain and flooding occurred with this line of storms.

Dramatic Close Lightning, Hail, Gustnadoes in Hays, KS - 6/15/2017

Dramatic close lightning strikes, huge gustnadoes caused by severe high winds, hail, and semi-truck off highway near Hays KS

Mulvane, KS Amazing Time lapse Lightning - 6/14/2017

Dramatic lightning from mothership supercell over Mulvane, Kansas.
Huge striated mesocyclone with rotating wall cloud looks like a giant alien mothership! Extreme lightning barrage over Mulvane, Kansas.

Roof blown off building Britt Iowa - 6/14/2017

Roof ripped off building in Britt Iowa overnight high winds. Building is in the center of town.
Shot Description
Various tight and wide shots around the building.

Hastings, NE Storms - 6/13/2017

Followed a storm in Southern Nebraska that produced heavy rain, intense lightning and tennis ball size hail. Local flooding in Hastings Ne. with cars driving thru the water.
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