West Houston, TX Water Rescues - 8/28/2017

B-Roll footage from West Houston, TX of water rescues where people are being dropped off and boats are being launched.
Shot Description

Midtown Houston, TX Epic Flooding - 8/27/2017

Historic Houston Flooding: Cars and highways submerged, onlookers from bridge looking at submerged car, Brays Bayou resembles raging river flooding Midtown Houston flooding homes and vehicles. Flooded neighborhoods in Meyerland neighborhood of Houston.

Houston, TX extreme flooding and water rescues - 8/27/2017

Footage of the historic flooding event that is impacting the Memorial Bend Area of Houston, TX with people being rescued.

Shot Description

Clip 1 Footage of a Rescue boat taking off from a exit ramp.

Clip 2 Memorial Bend sign in the flood water.

Harvey Extreme Flooding and Rescue Pasadena TX - 8/26/2017

Shots of extreme flooding with coast guard rescue choppers dropping off people that were pulled from the flooding. Lots of B-Roll of vehicles that are flooded.
Shot Description

1). Severe thunderstorm / rain knocking out power.


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