Hurricane Harvey Eye Slams Rockport, TX - 8/26/2017

Intense footage from Rockport, TX of Hurricane Harvey and the eye wall slamming the area as the calm of the eye move in to reveal the extensive damage.

Shot Description

1). Powerline flaming with strong winds.

Fulton, TX Hurricane Harvey Eyewall Destroying Buildings - 8/25/2017

Footage of the eye wall of Hurricane Harvey on Highway 35 doing damage in Fulton, TX and ripping off a roof of a building along with damaging structures and infrastructure.

Rockport, TX Hurricane Harvey slamming the area - 8/25/2017

Strong winds / waves ... Leading edge of Hurricane Harvey's core
Shot Description

1). View of pier and waves.

2). Palm tree blowing.

3). Waterfront home / roof damage.

4). Close shot of pier and waves.

5). Damaged boat in marina.

Rockport, TX Hurricane Harvey Intense Winds - 8/25/2017

Hurricane Harvey formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is forecasted to make landfall as a category 3 storm on the night of 8/25/2017.
Shot Description

Anvil Crawler Lightning over Queens NY - 8/18/2017

Cloud to ground, and anvil crawler lightning light up the evening skies around the NYC Metro, as thunderstorms move through the area.
Shot Description

Perseid Meteor Shower, Sauk Rapids, MN 8/12/2017

The is passing through the peak of the debris from Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle which is the source of the annual Perseid meteor shower that will be at the height tonight and tomorrow before dawn in the northeaster sky.

Shot Description

Sarasota, FL Lightning Storm - 8/9/2017

with an impressive light show in the sky. Cloud to ground and amazing through frame crawler lightning.
Shot Description

Queens, NY Lightning & Flash Flooding - 8/4/2017

Dawn thunderstorms dump torrential rains on Queens, NY and create flash flooding conditions on area roadways.
Shot Description


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