Barron County & RiceLake, WI Severe thunderstorm & Storm Damage 6/11/2017

A line of Severe thunderstorms rolled through Barron County this morning. This line caused many trees to be downed along with power lines.
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Stearns County, MN Severe Storms and Damage - 6/11/2017

A tornado warned storm and severe weather rocked the area just to the south of the Saint Cloud metro area this morning with extreme high winds and vivid lightning.

Siesta Key FL People out in the heavy rain - 6/10/2017

Long lasting heavy rain moved in from the south washing out beach goers and tourists at Siesta Key in Sarasota Florida. Many shots of FL people dealing with unexpected mid-day weekend rain.
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McHenry County ND Extreme Storms - 6/9/2017

Extreme storms hit North Dakota this evening with several reported tornadoes but mainly and extreme winds and hail. Footage from near Towner, ND of extreme winds and blinding rain mixed with hail and dust as the storms slammed the area.
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Amarillo, TX Supercell Thunderstorm - 6/8/2017

An incredible supercell thunderstorm produces amazing structure, wall clouds, hail, lightning, and flooding around the Amarillo, Texas area.
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1) LP storm updraft in the Texas panhandle.

2) Developing wall cloud.

Shelby, MT wrecks from extreme winds - 6/8/2017

Extreme winds from the severe thunderstorms in northern Montana this evening blew over several high profile vehicles. B-Roll footage of three of the wrecks along Interstate 15 about 5 miles north of Shelby, MT.
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Guadalupe County, NM Supercell - 6/7/2017

A beautiful supercell thunderstorm produces amazing structure, hail, funnel clouds, a tornado, and a landspout west and southwest of Santa Rosa, New Mexico on Wednesday evening.
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Key West, FL Stormy Timelapse - 6/7/2017

Florida continues to get pounded by rain. Dawn to noon timelapse of Mallory Square in downtown Key West FL showing the dark clouds and repeating bands of rain moving through. Final scene is shelf cloud moving through with heavy rain.

Birmingham, AL Heavy rain and flooding - 6/6/2017

Small flood issue this morning in the Birmingham metro area in central Alabama. Heavy downpours resulted in street ponding/flooded roadways and overflowing streams and creeks around Bessemer and Birmingham, al. Traffic was flowing through these areas.

Fargo, ND Thunderstorms - 6/6/2017

Non-Severe thunderstorms along a cold front caused gusty winds, heavy rain, and small hail north of Fargo, ND tonight.
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