LIVE Kansas/Oklahoma High Risk Storm Chase - Team Haxby - 5/18/2017

Live weather news video. There is a high risk of severe weather in Kansas and Oklahoma area today. SPC has issued a rare high risk severe weather outlook.

Seiling to Waynoka Oklahoma Tornadoes - 5/18/2017

Multiple Tornadoes from Seiling to Waynoka Oklahoma the afternoon of 05/18/2017. First close range tornado was shot just north of Seiling Oklahoma at 4:30pm.
Large wedge tornado was shot between Seiling and Waynoka between 4:30pm and 5:00pm paralleling Hwy 281.

Chester, OK Large Tornado - 5/18/2017

A high risk of severe weather was issued for May 18, 2017 spawning multiple tornadoes across Oklahoma and Kansas.
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Waynoka, OK Tornado - 5/18/2017

A tornado touching down just south of Waynoka OK on May 18 2017, during a tornado outbreak across western Oklahoma. Wide & tight shots of the tornado, lightning & structure.
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Dixon & Stearling, IL Severe Thunderstorm B-Roll

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather documents a supercell thunderstorm with rotation in between Dixon and Sterling, Illinois on May 17, 2017.
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Storm Destroys Buildings in Algona Iowa - 5/17/2017

Buildings destroyed near Algona Iowa in the overnight severe weather. Some debris was flung over a mile in the nearby field. Building siding was crumpled and wrapped around power poles. Some farm equipment is buried under the debris.
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Elk City, OK Tornado and Aftermath with Interviews - 5/16/2017

Covered a rain wrapped tornado till it went thru the town of Elk City. Video is of the tornado, baseball size hail and house and business damage. Interviews with two people who went thru the wind and damage.
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Elk City, OK Huge Hail, Tornadoes and Lightning - 5/16/2017

Footage of wedge-shaped strong tornado hitting Elk City OK, cone tornado near McLean TX, large softball-sized hail smashing windshield, and lightning strikes from big severe weather outbreak over Great Plains States.

LIVE Team Haxby Part 2 - 5/16/2017

Live weather news video.  There is a risk of tornadoes for the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle area today.   A PDS Tornado watch is in effect for the area.


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