Mineola, KS Extreme Winds - 5/16/2017

Tornado warned storm SW of Minneola Ks takes out power lines and blowing the chase vehicle off the road into the ditch as rotation crosses HWY 283. Aftermath shows power-poles snapped off 6' from their bases.
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Barron County, WI Storm Damage and Storm B-Roll - 5/16/2017

Tornado hits Barron County WI this late afternoon. A trailer court was destroyed. One confirmed dead 25 injured.
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McLean, TX Tornado and Supercell Timelapse - 5/16/2017

A photogenic Elephant trunk tornado touches down over open land near McLean, TX. Supercell Thunderstorm time-lapse sequence.
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Insane Hydroplane Crash Cable Barrier in Sayre, OK - 5/16/2017

Pickup truck on Westbound I-40 near Sayre, Oklahoma spins out of control and sends debris onto vehicle on Eastbound I-40. There were no injuries.
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Balko Oklahoma Funnels and Severe Storms - 5/16/2017

Various stage of funnels and severe storms as they work their way up from Oklahoma panhandle into southwestern Kansas.
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LIVE Texas Panhandle Storm Chase - Team Haxby - 5/16/2017

Live weather news video. There is a risk of tornadoes for the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle area today. A PDS Tornado watch is in effect for the area.

McLean, TX Amazing Looking Cone Tornado 5/16/2017

First tornado of ongoing outbreak south of McLean in eastern TX Panhandle before 5pm CDT.
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Microburst, Hail, and Lightning in Stinnett, TX - 5/15/2017

Footage of strong "wet microburst", which is a powerful downdraft that descends quickly to earth and spreads out at rapid speeds causing high wind damage. Also footage of large crashing hail, dramatic lightning and rotating wall clouds near Stinnett, TX.

Funnels & Storms in Northern IL - 5/15/2017

Jesse Walters and Tammy King of JWSevereWeather document several rotating cloud features and possibly two funnels across far northern Illinois on May 15, 2017.
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Shot 1-3 - Funnel cloud shots from Garden City, Illinois


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