Marathon, FL - Florida Keys Thunder Storms - 6/5/2017

Footage from our tower camera in Marathon Florida as an approaching thunderstorm moved over the island. Wind Gusts up to 42mph were reported in the area.

Footage includes real time and time lapse scenes of the storm moving in and through the island.

Bowdon, ND - Asperitas Sunset Time Lapse - 6/2/2017

Amazing time lapse at sunset by Emmy Award Winning
Cinematographer Mike Olbinski of the Asperitas (formerly known as Undulatus asperatus) clouds at Sunset near Bowdon, ND.

Shot Description

Saint Cloud, MN Intense Lightning - 6/2/2017

Intense and vivid lightning over Pleasant Lake on the south side of the city of Saint Cloud, MN.

Very intense non stop lightning with a lot of cloud to cloud and some cloud to ground lightning filling the sky looking south over Pleasant Lake.

Coffeyville, KS Severe Storm 5/31/2017

Severe storm hit southeast Kansas with hail and strong winds on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017.
Shot Description

1) Gust front approaching.

2) Gust front overhead with strong winds.

3) POV shot driving through blinding rain and strong winds.

Lagrange, NY Amazing Thunderstorm Timelapse & B-Roll - 5/31/2017

A rare supercell thunderstorm passes over LaGrange NY, with an intense rotating wall cloud, high winds and hail.

Shot Description

El Dorado Springs, MO Supercell & Severe Storms - 5/30/2017

A supercell thunderstorm produces amazing storm structure, funnel clouds, and hail near El Dorado Springs, Missouri on Tuesday evening.
Shot Description

1) Storm updraft base with scud clouds trying to develop a wall cloud.

Hamilton, AL Tornado Damage - 5/28/2017

Tornado damage from downtown Hamilton from what appears to be a small narrow tornado, multiple large trees uprooted, also roofs off businesses, power poles leaning or snapped.
Shot Description

Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights North Facing 360 Camera

Just a test of a new setup to document the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in Virtual Reality or 360.

Camera was facing north just south of the town of Nome, North Dakota in the early hours of 5/28/2017

Nome, ND Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights - 5/28/2017

A Coronal Mass Ejection or CME that exploded off the surface of the sun last week hit earth Saturday night and triggered a very strong geomagnetic storm.

Current KP Index is 7, which indicates a very strong geo magnetic storm is currently taking place.


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