Chicago, IL Lake Effect Snows - 3/14/2017

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather documents heavy lake effect snowfall during the morning commute in the Chicago Metro. A lake effect snow warning was in effect at the time of filming.
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Poughkeepsie, NY Blizzard Nightmare - 3/14/2017

Blizzard shots of people freeing stuck cars, cars sliding, people struggling to walk down the street in blizzard conditions, people shoveling & snow blowing.
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Clarksburg, MD Roads Crew Clearing Snow - 3/14/2017

Road crews work through blizzard conditions to clear I-270 and other roads in far northern suburbs of Washington, D.C.
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Blizzard Begins in Trenton, NJ - 3/13/2017

Blizzard begins in Trenton NJ! Blizzard warning with footage of people clearing snow off of vehicles and loading groceries, snow plows clearing and salting New Jersey Turnpike. High winds blowing heavy falling snow. Traffic driving through heavy falling and blowing snow.

Harrisburg, PA Winter Storm Begins - 3/13/2017

A very strong nor'easter forms off of the Atlantic coast and precipitation begins to fall in the Harrisburg, Pa area during the evening hours of Monday March the 13th of 2017
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Osprey, FL Tornadic Storm & Damage

A tornado warned storm came ashore off the Gulf of Mexico Monday night into Sarasota County near Osprey Florida. In storm video and fresh aftermath shots of wind damage at an Osprey FL shopping center. People dragging debris to unblock their cars in parking lot.

North Central IL Snowy Monday Morning - 3/13/2017

Will Wight of JWSevereWeather captures video from Roscoe and Rockton, IL in Northern Illinois. Light to moderate snow was falling during the time of clips. Winter Weather Advisory was in effect across this area during the time of filming.

Northeast IL Snowy Morning Commute - 3/13/2017

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather documents snowfall during the morning commute in northeast Illinois. A Winter Weather Advisory was in effect and a Lake Effect Snow Watch was also in effect at the time of filming.

Stearns County, MN Travel Nightmare / Crashes - 3/12/2017

It was a virtual white knuckle travel nightmare as numerous vehicles slide of the road and or crashed today in Minnesota.

Twin Cities Deicing and Car Wrecks - 3/12/2017

Video Footage of Extremely Heavy Snowfall,Serious Injury Vehicle Crashes,MSP Airport De-Icing and Major Delays as well as cars stuck sliding and spinning in the snow and people struggling to clear the snow with shovels in Minneapolis Minnesota!


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