Raleigh, NC Freezing Rain, Sleet, Snow Sledding & Vacant Roads - 1/7/2017

Sleet and Snow cover Raleigh, North Carolina on January 7, 2017
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Norfolk Virginia Sleet Snow - 1/7/2017

Norfolk Virginia Sleet, Snow
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Overnight shots of sleet and snow around Norfolk Virginia area.

Virginia Beach, VA Winter Storm Starting - 1/6/2017

The start of the winter storm that is bringing heavy snow and Blizzard conditions to the area of Virginia Beach, Virginia tonight.
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Clip 1 Snow in front of palm trees and a statue...

It Is Just Too Damn Cold Outside - 1/6/2017

Hey, it get's cold in Minnesota, just deal with it! :-)

Burlington, NC Winter Storm & Heavy Snow - 1/6/2017

Powerful winter storm slams Southeast! Footage of car in ditch with emergency assistance, car in front yard in Burlington, NC neighborhood after sliding off road, very heavy snow with traffic, slow motion snow shot. Near white-out conditions.

Kanab, UT Scenic Desert Snow - 1/7/2017

Snow fall in the desert town of Kanab, Utah Thursday night leaving a wonderland of red rock cliffs covered in snow and ice.

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Sherman, TX Snow fall - 1/6/2017

Snow comes down across Sherman, Texas in North Texas in the Red River county of Grayson County. Various clips of snowfall and road conditions across Sherman, Texas and Grayson County.
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Carthage, NY Evening Very Deep Snow - 1/5/2017

After dark scenes from Carthage, NY of deep snow accumulations, and people digging out from over 3 feet of snow.
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Copenhagen, NY Ridiculous Deep Snow - 1/5/2017

Copenhagen, NY Buried by over 2 Feet of Snow: town buried, people fighting though heavy snowfall, cars and homes under deep snow, horse and buggy in heavy snow, car accidents in deep snow, measuring deep snow.


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